Senatus consultum on appointment of Flavia Claudia Juliana to the Senate

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This senatus consultum was proposed a.d. XI Kal. Ian. , Fl. Vedio M. Cassio cos. MMDCCLI a.u.c..

Senatus Consultum XXIIII: Appointment of Flavia Claudia Juliana to the Senate

Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 13:50:19 EST

Salvete, Omnes,

The second and final Senatorial appointment vote for 1998 concerned the elevation of Flavia Claudia Juliana, our Vestal and editor of "The Eagle" as a Senator of Nova Roma.

By majority decision, the Senate has voted to officially reinstate Flavia Claudia Juliana as a full Senator of Nova Roma, with all responsibilities that such position entails.

Flavia Claudia has been actively involved with the building and promotion of our Micronation since gaining Citizenship. She holds the first Religio Romana appointment to be given by our Pontificial College, and has done a tremendous job as editor of "The Eagle" over the past several months. She was also a popular candidate for the Consulate in the recent elections. She is also personally highly skilled in the running of non-profit organizations, and will be a great help toward building Nova Roma even further in the coming years.

Welcome Flavia Clauda Juliana, new Senator of Nova Roma!

Hopefully all Citizens will join in congratulating Flavia Claudia on her new position. She will surely be a skilled and active Senator, who will work on behalf of all Nova Romans!


Marcus Cassius Julianus

(On behalf of the Senate of Nova Roma)
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