Senatus consultum de provincia thracia populi novi romani

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Enacted on: a.d. III Non. Quint. Sex. Lucilio C. Claudio P. Annaeo Q. Catulo tr. mil. cos. pot. ‡ XX ANRC et MMDCCLXX AUC (In the year of the Consular Tribunes Sex. Lucilius, C. Claudius, P. Annaeus and Q. Catulus, 5th July, 20 ANRC / 2770 AUC / 2017 AD)

I. The Senate and People of Nova Roma commends Praefectus Rei Publicae Novae Romanae in Bulgaria A. Vitellius Celsus and his fellow Bulgarian Nova Romans for their 8 years of work towards the creation of Provincia Thracia of Nova Roma, and based on the Report of the Praefectus A. Vitellius, as delivered by Tribunus Militum Consulari Potestate Sex. Lucilius Tutor, the Senate of Nova Roma decrees that new Provincia Thracia of Nova Roma is hereby established, founded and created by the date of August 12.

II. As a recognition and our sign of trust in A. Vitellius Celsus that he will serve Nova Roma and the interests of Nova Roma with utmost loyalty and dedication, the Senate appoints A. Vitellius Celsus as Legatus Pro Praetore Provinciae Thraciae, the first modern governor of Thracia, effective on August 12.

III. The Senatus Consultum on the official establishment of Provincia Thracia of Nova Roma, and the appointment of A. Vitellius Celsus as Legatus Pro Praetore Provinciae Thraciae shall be personally delivered to A. Vitellius Celsus and the citizens of Nova Roman Thracia by Legatus Pro Praetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, our Quaestor, who is hereby appointed as special envoy, Legatus of the Senate, for the completion of this task. The ceremony of the creation of the Nova Roman Thracia and the investiture of the new governor shall take place on August 12, at the Nicopolis ad Istrum Festival, and Quaestor, Legatus Pro Propraetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, as the special envoy of the Senate, shall personally conduct these ceremonies in the name of the Tribuni Militum Consulari Potesate, the Senate and the People of Nova Roma.

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