Senate procedures on Provinces and Provincial governors (Nova Roma)

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Senate procedures on Provinces and Provincial governors

Lex Vedia de provinciis

Minimum standards for appointment as provincial governor

The Senate of Nova Roma, by this consultum, declares that, from the time of the passage of this consultum, (June 02, 2000) Propraetores of Nova Roman Provinciae will have to meet the following minimum standards:

I. Proposed Governor has a minimum of 9 months membership in Nova Roma;

II. Proposed Governor have served a minimum of 6 months in some service area within Nova Roma;

III. Proposed Governor have some significant administrative experience in handling people.

Lex Vedia de provinciis

Senatvs Consvlta Regulation of Gubernatorial Prorogation

Regulation of Gubernatorial Prorogation

I. In accordance with paragraph V.C. of the Constitution, the following standards and procedures for the prorogation of governors shall be enacted.

II. No later than the Kalends of Februarius of each year, each provincial governor shall send a communication to the Senate informing it of his or her desire to remain in the post of governor. Failure to send such a communication shall be regarded as a de facto lack of desire to remain as governor. Such communications should, but are not required to, include commentary on the state of the province, past achievements, future intentions, and other information relevant to the Senate's decision to prorogue or not to prorogue the governor.

III. Should a governor have failed to submit a budget by the Kalends of November for the coming year (as required by the Senatus Consultum de Provincialum Pecuniarum Rationibus, the provisions of which are hereby extended beyond 2754 AUC to cover each year hence), that too may be regarded as a de facto indication of a failure to wish to continue in the position, should a satisfactory explanation for such failure not accompany the communication described in paragraph II.

IV. No later than the Idus of Februarius of each year, the Senate shall begin a vote concerning the prorogation of each provincial governor. Governors who are prorogued in their position may remain in office for the coming year, with their new term considered to begin on the Kalends of Martius; those who are not shall be considered removed as of the Kalends of Martius.

V. No provision of this Senatus Consultum shall be construed to imply that the Senate may not, at its discretion, remove any governor from his or her position at any time outside the normal prorogation process.

Passed, Yes-11; No-1; Abstain-0 a.d. V Id Mar MMDCCLIV

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