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Senate Call October 9 2759 (2006)

Salvete Omnes,

The Senate is called to order jointly for October 9, 2006 (2759) by Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus, Consul, and Pompeia Minucia Stabo, Consul. There are five constitutional amendments under consideration. There will be 96 hours of discussion, followed by 96 hours of voting. Discussion shall end on Thursday October 12th, followed by voting which shall end on Monday October 16th Rome time.

The Senate is asked to consider the following constitutional amendments. The purpose of the first four amendments is to bridge the language of some of our leges with the constitution in terms of citizens' rights, to provide more specific language of provocatio and other appeals proceedings relative to comitia, to lend more weight to the nota language and to reconcile the role of comitia in judicial proceedings. The last constitutional amendment is the Religio reform proposal sent to the senate for discussion back in April by Senator Cn. Salvius Astur. The Religio reform proposal, known here as Lex Fabia de Quattuor Collegiis Summis Sacerdotalibus, was approved by the Collegium Pontificum back in July.

These amendments are to be voted on in segments, so that the Senators are not obligated to vote for an entire 'package' of amendments.

The amendments adopted by this august body shall be presented to the Comitia Centuriata for their approval. At this time appropriate nomenclature shall be assigned to the first four amendments.

The complete text of the constitution may be found here, for your convenience:


Quintus Suetonius Paulinus

Tribunis Plebis


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