Senate Vote Januarius MMDCCLXII (Nova Roma)

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Tribunus Plebis Tiberius Horatius Barbatus Quiritibus SPD

The Senate has finished its latest session and the votes have been tallied as follows:

Formal debate ended at (17.00 hrs CET) on 20 Jan. 2762

Voting began in the second hour at 06.45 hrs CET on 22 Jan. 2762 Voting ended at 17.00 hrs CET on 25 Jan. 2762

Results were officially published by the presiding magistrate Consul M. Curiatius Complutensis on the Senate list on 25 Jan. 2762

The following (26) Senators cast votes in time, and referred to below by their initials:

1. MCC> Marcus Curiatius Complutensis
2. MIS> Marcus Iulius Severus
3. GEM>Cn Equitius Marinus
4. GPL> C Popillius Laenas
5. PMA> P. Memmius Albucius
6. TOP>T. Octavius Pius
7. TGP> Ti. Galerius Paulinus
8. CFD> Caius Flavius Diocletianus
9. MLA> M. Lucretius Agricola
10. CFBQ> K Fabius Buteo Quintinlianus
11. TIS> T Iulius Sabinus
12. QSP> Q Suetonius Paulinus
13. KFBM> K Fabius Buteo Modianus
14. MMA>M Minicius Audens
15. CEC> C Equitius Cato
16. ATMC> Appius Tullius Marcellus Cato
17. QFM> Q Fabius Maximus
18. EIL> Equestria Iunia Laeca
19. ATS> A Tullia Scholastica
20. SUV> S Ullerius Venator
21. GIC> Cn Iulius Caesar
22. MHM> M Hortensia Maior
23. DIP> D Iunius Palladius Invictus
24. GMM> C Marius Merullus
25. MMPH> M Moravius Piscinus Horatianus
26. AMM> Anna Minucia Marcella

The following Senators did not cast a vote, and their absence was not announced or justified in line with the Senatus Consultum defining a quorum and the LEX OCTAVIA DE SENATORIBUS:

FLG> Fl. Vedius Germanicus
FAC> Fr. Apulus Caesar
MIP> M. Iulius Perusianus
MAM> M. Arminius Maior
CCS> C. Curius Saturninus
ECF> Em Curia Finnica
FGA> Fl. Galerius Aurelianus
AMA> Am. Moravia Aurelia

Therefore, the necessary majority for a Senatus Consultum was 14 votes in favor.

"UTI ROGAS" indicates a vote in favor of an item,

"ANTIQUO" is a vote against,

"ABSTINEO" is an open abstention

The Agenda items for consideration were as follows:

ITEM I: Withdrawn

ITEM 2: Withdrawn


The Patres et Matres Conscripti is respectfully requested to agree on a special ovatio to Senator Audens, for his dedicated services.

  • 24 Uti Rogas
  • 1 Antiquo
  • 1 Abstineo
  • TOP> UTI ROGAS; Thank you for your tireless efforts for the republic! You have kept the helm steady for longer than any other before you.
  • CFD: Uti Rogas. Honorable Senator Audens, I know you now since I became a citizen of Nova Roma. You were always aboard, always kind and helpful, always a dedicated Senator and citizen. My heartful thanks for your efforts, for your dedication to our Res Publica
  • MLA> Yes. Indeed this item is worthy of support.
  • KFBQ> UTI ROGAS; Thank you for your many years of fine work for the Res Publica! No one deserves an ovatio more than You!
  • TIS: Uti rogas.
  • KFBM: Antiquo.
  • MMA> Abstain. I am greatly honored and humbled by the many very kind comments from my Senate Colleagues.š My thanks for your very, very kind words.
  • ATMC: VTI ROGAS Our colleague Marcus Audens has earned this many times over. A honest and wise gentleman, and tireless servant of Nova Roma, I am proud and thankful to have known him through Nova Roma over the years. My sincere congratulations to Marcus Audens.
  • QFM> VTI ROGAS. My old Co-Consul is has had this honor delayed long enough.
  • EIL: Uti Rogas
  • ATS: Assentior; uti rogas. š Senatori Audenti maximae gratiae agendae sunt pro multis laboribus quos Rei Publicae per hos decem annos bene fecit.
  • SUV: Ita, most definitely, yes.
  • MHM> Uti Rogas, Senator Audens has given long and faithful service to Nova Roma
  • DIP> UTI ROGAS. With gratitude for the years of work and uncounted hours he has dedicated to Nova Roma.
  • CMM> VTI ROGAS Vivat Marcus Minucius Audens
  • MMPH: Adsentior uti rogas.
  • AMM: Uti Rogas


The appointment of Senator Modianus as Editor commentariorum is proposed, urging him to resume the edition of Aquila .

  • 19 Uti Rogas
  • 5 Antiquo
  • 2 Abstineo
  • CFD: Uti Rogas.
  • MLA> Abstain. I did not see anything here indicating he was asked. Does he have the time?
  • TIS: Uti rogas.
  • KFBM:š Uti Rogas.
  • MMA> Abstain. I was of the opinion that Senator Modianus had indicated that he did not have the time to serve on a Senate Committee due to the intensive labor of his school studies.š The task ofš Editor "Aquila" can be a large one, and can take a great deal of time and effort.š I am further sorry to note that Senator Modianus needed my removal from the position before he would be willing to do anything further in this area. However, if he has the time now, he certainly has the skill, and I wish him well in whatever he may decide to do.
  • CEC: ANTIQUO - simply because he has not said whether or not he has the time or thewillingness to do so; I do not consider a vote by himself for himself to be sufficient evidence in light of his quite extensive extra-republican activities. I speak from personal experience when I say that we often think we can do much much more than we are actually able, physically or mentally, to do.
  • QFM> VTI ROGAS. Though if the man is too busy to do a proper job, we should not hold him to it, and appoint someone who is not.
  • EIL: Uti Rogas
  • ATS: š Antiquo. š It is my understanding that Senator Modianus is a graduate student who has admitted that he does not have much time for other activities. š It might be best to have someone else at present, and have him take over when he completes his studies and/or has more time to devote to this time-consuming effort. š
  • SUV: Ita, again, most definitely, yes. ['Tis a day to be indefinite, on Item III B...after having

read further and looked at past posting. I too, change my vote to Negatio. This change is based solely upon the impression given of lack of time.]

  • GIC: ANTIQUO. I would have thought the candidate for all this official encouragement could at least have indicated here in this House if he is willing, and has the time, to perform this task. Sadly, as far as I can see his only contribution in this matter during this session was to vote against an ovatio for Marcus Audens, which is a recognition more than well deserved. For that boorish and petty act and because he couldn't be bothered to tell the rest of us if he is going to take up this task and indicate if his personal troubles are likely to affect the performance of this role.
  • MHM> Uti Rogas.š if Senator Modianus believes he has the time he deserves the appointment. The last issue of Aquila was excellent.
  • DIP> Antiquo. Modianus recently turned down committee appointments because of lack of time, I doubt he would have time for this. He has not indicated he does.
  • CMM> VTI ROGASš I vote to appoint Senator Modianus as editor of the newsletter and joinš Q Fabius and others inš treating this as a conditional appointment depending on the Modianus' ability to spend the time necessary to do the job. I'm sorry to be casting an evening vote but have not had an opportunity to do this earlier.
  • MMPH: Adsentior uti rogas.
  • AMM: Uti rogas
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