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DRAFT (Pending approval)

Over the years a number of handbooks or guides for various Nova Roman offices have been created. This has been done so as to have in one place all of the relevant information on the rules and procedures of a given magistrate or position. It is the intent of the Committee on Rules that this "Senate Handbook" will serve the same function for senators both new and old. It is hoped that this "Vade mecum" (lat. "go with me") will be a useful tool in providing both senators and the Senate's presiding officers with a readily available reference tool for quick and efficient use. It is also our hope that it will also serve as a source of reference for information to help provide, in a clear manner the rules and procedures of the Nova Roman Senate.

It is our goal to have this Senate Handbook available both online and in a downloadable form (printed form).

Within this handbook are the current constitutional and legal rules and procedures of the Nova Roman Senate. It also includes all senatus consultum ("advice of the senate") currently in force.

As always we would like input on updating and improving this "Senate Handbook" so please feel free to drop a note to any member of the Committee at any time.

L. Equitius Cincinnatus Augur (Term ending December 31, 2763) C. Equitius Cato (Term ending December 31 2763) Po. Minucia Strabo (Term ending January 1, 2764) Dec. Iunius Palladius Invictus (Term ending January 1, 2764) Ti. Galerius Paulinus (Term ending January 1, 2764)

Ex-offico non-voting members for 2761 M. Moravius Piscinus Horatianus, Consul T. Iulius Sabinus, Consul M. Curiatius Complutensis, Praetor M. Iulius Severus, Praetor

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