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The Senate hereby creates a new committee of senators to consider the incorporated status of Nova Roma.

IX. a. According to the Senatus Consultum on permanent standing committees, new committees may be created through senatus consulta.

IX. b. The new committee will adhere to the Preliminary rules for committees, as laid out in the Senatus Consultum on permanent standing committees.

IX. c. The senate hereby creates the Senate Committee on Incorporation.

IX. c.1. The Senate Committee on Incorporation will investigate all options and problems concerning the incorporation of Nova Roma. Costs and legalities involved are to be documented and prepared for the perusal of the senate.

IX. d. The Senate Committee on Incorporation is hereby authorized to admit non-senate members at the discretion of the chair person. These are not allowed to vote in the committee, only to participate in discussions where they have expertise or experience.




Ex-offico non-voting members for 2763

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