Senate Call December 2760 (Nova Roma)

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Salvete Conscript Fathers

With the Auspices favorable, I herby convene the Senate on pr. Non. Dec. ( Dec 4th) At 0001 Roman time , 2760 A.U.C) when the contio will commence until a.d. V Id. Dec. 23:59 (Roman time) (December 9th , 2760 A.U.C.) when it will end. Voting will then commence at 0001 (Roman time on a.d. IV Id. Dec. (Dec 10) and will end at 0001 (Roman Time) .pr. Id. Dec. ( Dec. 12th, 2760 A.U.C.) (23:59 is 11:59PM CEST and 0001 is 12:01AM CEST).

The Agenda is as follows:


  • I. The Senate hereby suspends Articvle VI of the lex Constitutiva (the Constitution) of Nova Roma.
  • II. The Consuls of Nova Roma are hereby authorized by the Senate to take control of the public religious institutions of the Republic; this authority shall include, but not be limited to, dismissing and appointing pontiffs, augurs, and any other religious positions as may be deemed necessary by the Consuls for the benefit of the Republic.
  • III. The Consuls shall be immune from prosecution for any actions taken under the authority of this Senatus Consultum Ultimum.
  • IV. All Consular edicts issued in furtherance of this senatus consultum ultimum shall have the force of law and will remain in effect after the expiration of the term of the Consuls who issue them.
  • V. The actions of the Consuls taken in execution of this senatus consultum ultimum shall be submitted to the Senate for review as the constitution requires..
  • VI. This senatus consultum ultimam shall be in force from the time of its passage by the senate until pr. Kal. Ian. 2760 (December 31, 2007) when this senatus consultum ultimum will expire.


Tiberius Galerius Paulinus

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