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Senate Budget and Finance Committee Rules

1. Membership

Committee may have three types of members: “voting”, “non-voting”, “guest”.

Voting members are assigned by the Senate.

Non-voting members are the Consules and the Praetores.

Guest members are additional non-voting members that are invited by the chairperson of the committee.

Members may be expelled by the committee vote for reason of inactivity for a 12 months period, or failure to take part into 3 consecutive voting sessions, whichever comes first.

2. Meeting rules

Any voting member may call for a vote which must then take place within a reasonable period of time.

A meeting must be announced one week in advance. The agenda must be published at the time of announcement. Items may be withdrawn from the agenda but not added to it after the announcement. Modification of agenda items is allowed after discussion of an item and before voting, but the modified item must be announced when voting begins.

A meeting is valid if there are at least the chairperson and one voting member present, and the rules about announcement are followed.

Every voting member may speak freely during a meeting. Non-voting members and guests can speak if they are granted permission to do so by the chairperson.

3. Voting rules

Every voting member has one vote.

Only voting members may vote.

In the case of a tie vote, the chairperson shall decide the outcome of the vote.

Votes must be one of “yes”, “no”, “abstain”.

An item passes of the number of “yes” votes is greater than the number of “no” votes.

The period allowed for voting must be no less than three day and no more than one week.

Votes can be changed before the end of the voting period, but not after the voting period has ended. The chairperson is responsible for counting the votes and for updating the decisions onto website.

Votes must be counted within three days of the end of the voting period.

The chairperson may delegate these duties to other voting or non-voting members or assistants.

4. Chairperson

The committee chairperson is selected by the committee from among the voting members. Non-voting members and guest members cannot be chairperson.

The chairperson’s term is limited to a period of no more than two (2) years.

A chairperson may be removed from this position by a vote of the committee, following the normal procedure for calling a meeting.

A vote to remove a chairperson must achieve a clear majority of all votes cast to succeed.

5. Scribae

This committee has the right to appoint scribae for handling administrative matters, scribae to be appointed by committee vote.

Scribae can have access to confidential information that is specified at the time of their appointment.

6. Duties of the Committee

This committee has the right and duty to oversee and set the financial administration and practices of Nova Roma Inc.

This committee has a duty to present yearly financial documents, including a budget and internal and external reports.

7. Changing of these rules

These rules can be changed by a majority vote of the committee, following the normal rules for a meeting.

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