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The Senate is in session.


A QUORUM: No absences have been posted. The quorum is achieved.


09:10 PM MOUNTAIN TIME 07-NOV-2012 : Call to order. Debate period commences at 10:00 PM 07-NOV-2012.

11:59 PM MOUNTAIN TIME 13-NOV-2012 : Call to recess. Debate period suspended.

12:00 AM MOUNTAIN TIME 15-NOV-2012 : Call to order. Debate period resumes.

09:59 PM MOUNTAIN TIME 20-NOV-2012 : Debate period ends.

10:00 PM MOUNTAIN TIME 20-NOV-2012 : Call to recess.

12:00 AM MOUNTAIN TIME 23-NOV-2012 : Call to order. Call to vote. Voting period commences.

11:59 PM MOUNTAIN TIME 26-NOV-2012 : Voting period ends.

11:59 PM MOUNTAIN TIME 30-NOV-2012 : Calculation of votes and call to close to be issued after end voting and before this time.


I. Provisional budget (Senatus consultum)

II. Tax rates (Senatus consultum)

III. Provinces of activity (Senatus consultum)

IV. subscription (Senatus consultum)

V. Articles of Incorporation amendments (Senatus consultum)

VI. Timing of elections (Debate only)

VII. Webpage subscription (Senatus consultum)

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