Sacra privata

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Sacra privata embraced, as we have stated, those which were performed on behalf of a gens, a family, or an individual. The characteristic by which they were distinguished from the sacra publica, is that they were made at the expense of those persons or person on whose behalf they were performed.

Sacra Gentilicia

Sacra specific to an individual gens.

Sacra Municipalia

Among the sacra privata were reckoned also the sacra municipalia, that is, such sacra as a commu­nity or town had been accustomed to perform be­fore it had received the Roman franchise. After this event, the Roman pontiffs took care that they were continued in the same manner as before. (Fest. s. v. Municipalia sacra ; comp. Ambrosch, Stud,, u. Andcut. p. 215.)

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