Rules on convening the Senate (Nova Roma)

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I. The Constitution empowers the Consuls, Praetors or Tribunes to convene the Senate under article IV

II. Senatus Consultum on Auspicious Meetings

The Senate shall meet only after favorable auspices have been obtained for any given meeting. The Board of Directors of Nova Roma, Inc. can be summoned without taking the auspices (though it is desirable to do so if possible), but can only consider macronational concerns of the corporation rather than the concerns of the nation of Nova Roma. If a magistrate who wishes to convene the Senate is unable to contact a member of the Collegium Augurum over a period of five days, he should then hold the auspices to the best of his ability.

If a magistrate needs to call an emergency meeting of the Senate, he should hold the auspices to the best of his ability before calling for the emergency meeting. In all cases in which a magistrate who is not also a member of the Collegium Augurum takes the auspices for a meeting of the Senate, an augur can overrule the auspices taken by that magistrate should he determine that the magistrate was seriously in error in a matter of importance. Additionally, a magistrate's taking of the auspices shall never be construed as interfering with an augur's right of intercessio.

The Senate hereby requests the Collegium Augurum to set up and maintain formal guidelines for a magistrate to conduct the auspices for a meeting of the Senate.

Passed, Yes-11; No-5; Abstain-3

a.d. XVII Kal. Dec. MMDCCLVI

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