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Roman Times Quarterly ~ Second Quarter 2761 a.U.c. (2008 CE)

Roman Times Quarterly is a publication providing insight on the very best of ancient Roman life.

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The cult of Aphrodite, a Greek goddess of fertility, love, and nature was a popular goddess in antiquity, and there were many sanctuaries dedicated to her and her followers. One such was the city of Aphrodisias in Turkey. The city can be found to the southeast of the ancient city of Smyrna (modern Izmir). The city is located nearly 600 metres...


The first significant step toward the development of gastronomy was the use of fire by primitive man. To cook his food, which gave rise to the first meals as families gathered around the fire to share the foods that they had cooked. Prehistoric cave paintings such...

Eclipse, Occulation and Transit

The historian Thucydides comments on the frequency of eclipses during the Peloponnesian War, which began in 431 B.C. and lasted for 27 years. The most interesting of these was a solar eclipse that occurred in the summer of the first year of the war (calculated date; August 27, 413 B.C.)

Ethics #1

The study and pursuit of ethics is an interesting one. In regard to Socrates and ethics, by conventional standards, he was certainly guilty...

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