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Social structure of Nova Roma

Registered merchants are Nova Roman citizens who want to become entrepreneurs and start up Roman-themed businesses. A portion of the profits (usually 10%) are then donated back to Nova Roma.

ATTENTION: Before St. Cornelia C. Aemilio cos. MMDCCLXVII a.u.c., all registered merchants were equestrians automatically. Since the reforms, equestrian and merchant status are not the same. There are currently no clear rules and procedures for advertisement and merchandise within Nova Roma, but you can always ask our magistrates, or post your questions on our forum. We are happy to recognize you as our official merchant, don't hesitate to post your questions!



Registered merchants of Nova Roma are allowed to advertise their wares on the Nova Roma website and email lists, because not only are they citizens, but they have also committed to contributing at least 10% of the profits from such ventures back to the State treasury.

Website rules

Registered merchants of Nova Roma should follow these procedures.

  1. Add [[Category:Registered merchants of Nova Roma]] to your biography page. If you do not yet have a biography page, you may create one or ask one of the wikimagisters to do it for you.
  2. Describe your business on your biography page. Add a link to your business website, if you have one. Your biography page is the only place you should add your business link.
  3. Add a link at the very bottom of articles related to your products using the "Commercial" template. This will link the article to your biography page. Abuse of this privilege may result in the loss of your editing privileges.

Example of the Commercial template

This should appear after everything on the page except for the category tags.

{{Commercial|Gaius Iulius Caesar}}

If the template is already there, add your name, separated by a | character.

{{Commercial|Gaius Iulius Caesar|Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa}}


Merchants can be registered by sending a petition to the Censors. You should include a description of what it is you're going to be selling. Usually only businesses with some theme directly relating to ancient Rome or Nova Roma will be allowed. Once you are approved, you should then get in touch with the WikiMagisters to see about getting your business listed in the website. Feel free to make use of automatic payment services such as PayPal, too!

The current registered merchants of Nova Roma are listed here.

Registered merchants of Nova Roma under a constant watch by the Censors and is updated regularly. Censor Ti. Galerius Paulinus has wished that this list be specially updated by 1 June 2761.


Here are some ideas for businesses that would be appropriate for registered merchants of Nova Roma:

  • Roman clothing (tunics, togas, stolas, etc.)
  • Weapons and armor (reenactment-quality, swordplay-safe, wooden swords, etc.)
  • Herbs (you could include a brief snippet of Roman herb-lore with each order!)
  • Ancient collectable coins and other artifacts (make sure they're legal to be sold!)
  • Books (new and/or used) dealing with the ancient world
  • Roman-style furniture (reenactors are always looking for period chairs and tables)
  • Roman tents, carts, chariots, etc.
  • Galley trips on the ocean (well, this would require a bit of money up-front to buy the trireme!)
  • Pre-made Roman foodstuffs (just make sure you're obeying local health ordinances)
  • Statues, idols, pillars, altars, etc.
  • Classically-themed modern clothing (just remember you must have permission from the Senate before you can use the SPQR-in-a-wreath logo)

This is only a quick sample; there are doubtless hundreds of others out there that you could do. If it has something to do with ancient Rome, and you can make some money on it, you should enter as a registered merchant of Nova Roma. Help Nova Roma while having fun and making a little money for yourself, too!

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