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Current projects

Provincial reorganization

Based of census results, Provincia Dacia need reorganization at all levels.

Project status: work in progress.

Reenactment group

A reenactment group is planned to be create and developed. The discussions with Legio XX were started and La Wren's Nest was choused as vendor for the roman military equipment.

Our reenactment group is not a legion but in time can be. It is a project with educative purposes to present the roman soldier equipment during the time, starting with early Republic to the late Empire.

Project status: difficult to put in practice but we have the right to dream to it!

Past projects

Provincial meeting - 2011

To organize during the summer of the year P. Ullerio C. Equitio cos. MMDCCLXIV a.u.c. a meeting at the Tropaeum Traiani monument from Adamclisi.

Project status: failed.

VI Conventus Novae Romae

The sixth annual Conventus Novae Romae in Europa will be held in Dacia at Thermae Herculis between end of July and beginning of August 2761 a.U.c.

Visit the Conventus page for more information and details.

Project status: resolved.

To form: Oppidum Galatium the second oppidum in Dacia.

Project status: failed.

Roman Festival - Svishtov, Bulgaria

Citizens of provincia Dacia will represent Nova Roma to the European Roman Festival organized in ancient Novae. Event details: Novae - 2008 European Roman Festival.

Project status: resolved.

Provincial newsletter

"Dacia Felix" was founded in L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c..

Project status: resolved.

Oppidum Bucurestium

Project status: resolved.

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