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The Regio of Columbia is made up of the province of British Columbia. The current Legatus for the territory of Vancouver Island is Gaia Aurelia Falconis Silvana. There is no legate for the overall regio. The population is approximately four million spread over an area of over 944 000 km².


There are no chartered towns in Regio Columbia

Cities and Towns

City Name Roman Name Population
Vancouver Vancouverea 578,041
Surrey   394,976
Burnaby   202,799
Richmond   174,461
Abbotsford Vadum Abbotis 123,864
Coquitlam Coquitlam 114,565
Saanich 108,265
Kelowna Kelowna 106,707
Delta 96,723
Langley 93,726
North Vancouver (DM) 82,562
Kamloops Campus Lupi 80,376
Nanaimo Nanaimo 78,692
Victoria Victoria 78,057
Prince George Princeps Georgius 70,981
Chilliwack Chilliwack 69,217
Maple Ridge 68,949
New Westminster Novum Westmonasterium 58,549
Port Coquitlam Portus Coquitlam 52,687
North Vancouver (City) Vancouverea Transina 45,165

Total Population of the Regio of Columbia - 4,113,487.

All statistics are from the 2006 Census by Statistics Canada.
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