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Edictum I. Appointment of Scriba to the Praetorium of America Cismississippiana

Ex Officio Praetix Marca Hortensia Maior Fabiana Faustina.

I hearby appoint Ti Horatius Barbatus as Scriba to the Praetorium of America Cismississippiana. No oath is required. This edict takes effect immediately.

Enacted on: pr. Id. Dec. Q. Arrio (II) T. Domitio (III) cos. MMDCCLXXIII a.u.c.

Edictum II. Appointment of Quaestor Provinciae Americae Cismississippianae

Ex Officio Propraetix Marca Hortensia Maior Fabiana Faustina.

I. As an acknowledgment and reward for his excellent service as my scriba in the governor's office of Provincia America Cismississippiana, I appoint scriba Ti. Horatius Barbarus, quaestor of Nova Roma, as my quaestor to Provincia America Cismississipiana, Vice-Governor of Provincia America Cismississippiana of Nova Roma. His official full titles are Quaestor Propraetricis Provinciae Americae Cismississippianae M. Hortensiae Maioris Fabianae Faustinae and Quaestor Provinciae Americae Cismississippianae. Quaestor changes to Proquaestor if his magistracy expires.

II. As Quaestor of Provincia America Cismississippiana, Ti. Horatius is entitled to represent me and act in my name in all aspects of provincial business according to my directives and under my auspices, auctoritas and imperium. He shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of the praetorium and the recruitment of new citizens.

III. No oath is required, effective immediately.

Enacted on: a.d. VII Kal. Mar. Q. Arrio (III) A. Tullia cos. MMDCCLXXIV a.u.c.

Propraetor's Annual Report to the Senate

Q. Arrio (II) T. Domitio (III) cos. MMDCCLXXIII a.u.c.

  • Under Development.
Advanced copies can be obtained by contacting the Consilium provinciae

Provincial Blank Forms

  • Foedus (Application) for New Oppidum/Municipium
  • Provincial Handbook
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