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Start a Local Chapter of Nova Roma Today!

Citizens are encouraged to establish local communities under the guidance and direction of Nova Roma. Local groups may be formally recognized in two ways. First, a group of five (5) or more citizens may apply for and be granted the status of an Oppidum. Groups consisting of thirty-five (35) or more citizens may apply for and be granted the status of a Municipium. Oppidia and Municipia are self-governing entities, which elect their own Magistrates and Assemblies, and issue their own edicts (edicta) and laws (leges).

Leges approved by the comitia of a local community shall have precedence over edicta of local magistrates of that community. Leges of a local community and edicta issued by local magistrates shall take a lower precedence than the constitution and laws of Nova Roma, the senatus consulta of the Senate of Nova Roma, and the decreta of the pontifical and augural colleges of Nova Roma.

The actions of local comitia and magistrates shall be subject to intercessio by the Propraetor (provincial governor) and by the Tribuni Plebis and Curule Magistrates of Nova Roma in accordance with the constitution and laws of Nova Roma.

Local magistrates shall be considered under the authority of the Propraetor America Austrorientalis, and/or as delegated/regulated through his/her Legates (Praefectus/Praefecta Regio) in terms of authority conflict.

For more information on forming an Oppidum or Municipium in your area, contact the Praefectus Regio for your home region or the Propraetor America Austrorientalis. To download an application (.doc format) for recognition of an Oppidum or Municipium, click here.

How to Apply for Your Group

  • APPLICATION FOR ORGANIZATION/GROUP APPROVAL: To download an application (foedus) in MS Word format to become an Egressus Club, Oppidum or Municipium, PLEASE CLICK HERE. These local communities provide a great foundation for a VICUS unit attached to your Legio group, giving the civilian reenactment the possibility of a truly international experience. Instead of a "local" structure, your civilian members can actually become part of the international Res Pvblica, run for office, and progress up the Cursus Honorum.

Provincial Egressus Clubs (Collegiate-Based, 2+ NR Citizens)

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Provincial Oppida (5-34 NR Citizens)

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Provincial Municipia (35+ NR Citizens)

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Provincial Vexillationes & Praesidia (NR & Non-NR Sponsored)

NOTE: For our purposes, a Vexillatio consists of 3-8 members; A Praesidium (outpost) consists of 9+ members. A Castra is a public Roman living history event. These Reenactor and Roman History organizations consist of Nova Roma sponsored and independent non-sponsored groups. This Section is meant to provide the Roman enthusiast with resources, both within and without Nova Roma.

Regio I (NC/SC)

  • LEGIO VI Ferrata Fidelas Constans ~ Charleston, SC ~ The Sixth Imperial Legion of Rome is a living history organization dedicated to recreating the life and times of Roman Legionary in the early 1st Century A.D. Legio VI was headquartered in Judea from 9 B.C. to 73 A.D. Prior to this they had served Julius Caesar in Gaul and Egypt.
  • The Cherusci Tribe ~ Charleston, SC ~ The Cherusci Tribe is an historical re-enactment society dedicated to the pagan tribes of Germania of the first century AD, also known as the Germanics. Although our name comes from a tribe that originates in the northern area of the Rhine river, we are based around Charleston, South Carolina in the United States of America and travel around the tri-state area performing public displays of combat and living history for fairs, museums, schools, local councils and national heritage organizations.
  • Coh II Italica Auxiliary Unit ~ Charleston, SC ~ The Auxiliary unit of Legio VI FFC based in the Southeastern United States, Cohors II Italica Civium Romanorum (of Roman Citizens). The unit exists primarily to participate in re-enactments, presentations, dramas, and related events. Men Women, and children are welcome, each can be involved in a myriad of ways. Cohors II Ital is based primarily on the Cohort stationed in Caesarea in the 20-70 AD Period. It is mentioned several times in historical references, including the Bible!
  • Albvs leo Lvdvs Gladiatore ~ Charleston, SC ~ The Gladiator School of the White Lion--Keeping the Glory that was Rome alive. The Ludus re-creates the magnificent Gladiator games of ancient Rome with unscripted hand to hand combat. Will our gladiator survive? Only the crowd knows for sure!! Our highly trained Gladiators fight to the (simulated) death. A truly unique entertainment for modern eyes, we also lecture and educate the crowd on the true nature of the games.
  • Imperial Southern Provisional Army ~ Southeastern USA ~ The ISPA is a loose organization of Roman Reenactors, Legions, Gladiators, Citizens, Auxila, and Enemies of Rome in the Southeastern United States. Its stated purpose is to facilitate cooperation and growth between its member units.
  • Castra Romana ~ LEGIO VI Ferrata Fidelas Constans, Charleston, SC ~ Castra Romana 2007 will be the Sixth annual Roman Imperial Army Encampment hosted in South Carolina. Featuring the soldiers of Imperial Rome, a scatterring of civilians, and period craftsmen, the event promises to be an educational gold mine for the re-enactor and members of the public. Hosted by South Carolina's only group of Roman Soldiers, Legio VI ( the event has drawn rave reviews from those who have attended it. While some after hours events are closed to the public, the majority of our drill demos and craftsmen are viewable during daylight hours and intended for the public. Come out and see the Glory that was Rome! We are always looking for persons interested in joining the Legion, either as a soldier, Gladiator, craftsman, or civilian, whatever your interest may be. If you are fascinated by what you see, contact the Legion at justuslonginus at aol dot com. We have extra armor to let you try it out before you spend any money!

Regio II (FL)

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Regio III (GA/AL)

  • Legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis ~ East Point, GA ~ Legio XI is a Georgia-based Roman reenactment group, dedicated to recreating the environment, equipment, technology, and ethos of the Roman Army of the 1st Century A.D. As such, all of us share an avid interest in the history and authenticity of our subject, and strive our best to present an accurate portrayal of Roman Legionaries in a variety of settings. Legio XI conducts regular monthly workshops where we exchange ideas, make our own equipment, learn more about our respective interests, and enjoy each others' company. We participate in reenactment events, locally and across the U.S., that recreate Roman camp and military life. We provide demonstrations for schools and other institutions interested in well-researched, accurate, and interesting living history. We are able to tailor our presentations for any audience.

Regio IV (MS/LA)

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Regio V (TN/AR)

  • Cohors Prima Volunum ~ First Cohort of Legio V Alaudae, "the Larks," University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • Legion II Augusta ~ Lafe, AR ~ The Lafe event is a Roman "tactical" and 24 hour Living History "immersion" event that Leg. II puts on each year. It is fast becoming the Roman event in North America and each year draws more reenactors from each side. We are building a Roman fort on the site, along with barracks.



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