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The Latin title Pater Patriae means "father of the nation". In the Roman Empire, it was applied first to Cicero, then to Augustus and subsequently to most of the emperors.

In Nova Roma, the title of Pater Patriae was awarded by the Senate in M. Octavio L. Sulla (II) cos. MMDCCLV a.u.c. to the two principal founders, M. Cassius Iulianus and Fl. Vedius Germanicus.

Later L. Cornelius Sulla Felix received this title, amidst controversial circumstances, from the senate composed exclusively from his clients, for managing the finances of Nova Roma and passing a series of laws. The majority of the people of Nova Roma criticized this move as the achievements cited as the justification for the award were not considered to be serious enough to be recognized by such an extremely high distinction, and the character of Sulla was deemed to be too controversial to be considered as "father of the nation". After Sulla has committed treason, by initiating the "third civil war", and attacked Nova Roma, there were many voices demanding the removal of his "pater patriae" title, but Cn. Lentulus asked the senate not to do this out of respect for the deceased.

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus was also awarded by this title for single handedly managing the cultural affairs of Nova Roma during the most difficult years, and for his role in saving Nova Roma in the crisis years of "third civil war". Cn. Lentulus declined this title and deferred to his pater familias who presided over the Completion of Founding of the Nova Roman Nation as interrex and rex sacrosum.

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander received this title by motion of his son, Cn. Lentulus, the Younger, who declined his own award and deferred it to him, for conducting the Completion of the Founding of Nova Roma, and by doing so, being the third chief founder of Nova Roma, alongside with M. Cassius and Fl. Vedius who were awarded this title earlier. The Senate approved the deferral of Lentulus the Younger, and Lentulus the Elder received the title.

List of patres patriae

List of patres patriae who received but declined the title

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