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Candidate Statements, September 2761

The election was held on 14 September 2761. These are the candidate statements from the candidates who gained office.

Aediles Oppidī

Gnaeus Caelius Ahenobarbus

    Cn. Caelius Ahenobarbus Omnibus S.P.D.

    I, Gnaeus Caelius Ahenobarbus, hereby declare my candidacy for the position of Aedilis in Oppidum Fluminis Gilae.

    I am 37 years old and live in the locality of Tucson. I am a yoga teacher and a student. I joined Nova Roma in Aprilis of 2761 a.u.c. (2008 CE) after deciding to pursue a long-standing latent interest in Rome, Roman history, and Roman culture and language. As I have learned more about Roma antiqua, I have also learned that I should be an active part of Nova Roma. I am currently studying the early history of western civilization and the Latin language at a local community college; these courses are leading to a degree in Linguistics, possibly with a minor in Latin.

    Oppidum Fluminis Gilae is the first oppidum in the Americas. There is much to be done here in the oppidum, but we will also be observed closely by others. We need to set an excellent example. I believe we have already begun to do so.

    In the office of aedilis oppidi, I will help the oppidum to grow by advertising our existence. I will help the oppidum to be beneficial to its members in many ways, through regular meetings, group projects, and public events. I will work closely with my colleague, and I will do whatever I can to support the other officers of the oppidum.

    If you wish for me to serve as aedilis oppidi for the remainder of 2761 a.u.c., I ask that you vote for me.

    May Sol, Iupiter, and all the gods bless our efforts! Maximas gratias tibi ago!

Marcus Valerius Potitus

    M. Valerius Potitus omnibus SPD.

    Salvete, omnes.

    In the name of Iuppiter and of Sol, I, Marcus Valerius Potitus, residing in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, declare and announce my intention to stand for election to the office of Aedilis of Oppidum Fluminis Gilae.

    By profession, I am an accountant; by education, I am a historian (specializing in Medieval European history) and a musician (organ). I joined Nova Roma in order to meet other people who are drawn to learning about and living as Romans. I believe firmly in the need for face-to-face interactions, and I couldn't be more excited about the new friends I have found in Nova Roma. As the newest oppidum in the Republic, and the first in the USA, we have a wonderful opportunity to make history and encourage the spread of local chapters here in Arizona and elsewhere.

    I look forward to working with all of my fellow citizens in Arizona to build a real-life, enduring community.

    May the Gods look favorably on our Oppidum and our Republic.

    Valete, omnes.

    Tuta erit vobis Velia. --Livy, II.7.11

Sacerdos Solis

Gaius Iulius Iulianus


    I, Gaius Iulius Iulianus, wish to announce my candidacy statement for Sacerdos solis! I am a citizen of Nova Roma and the Flamen Floralis. I am also recognized as a Sacerdos Nationis by the M.T.R. in Italia and as the Senior Paterfamilias of my Gens Iulia. I have been a practicing Romanus of the Religio Romana since Augustus of 1991 and consider myself a pious and upholder of the traditional Roman Mos Maiorum and Cultus Deorum! I live here in Tucson, Arizona, and am 55 years of age. My passion is for the traditional cultus of the Religio Romana and if elected I vow to present myself as a Sacerdos Solis and to carry out my sacerdotal duties as such!

    For Roma and the Religio I remain faithfully yours! Dii vos semper ament! Valete!

    Frater, Gaius Iulius Iulianus

Praefectus Praesidiī

Gaius Albius Trigeminus

    C. Albius Trigeminus Omnibus S.P.D.

    I, Gaius Albius Trigeminus, hereby declare my candidacy for the position of Praefectus Praesidii—the captain of the honor guard in the Oppidum Fluminis Gilae, America Austroccidentalis, N.R.

    I am 45 years old and live here in Tucson. I am a Warehouse manager and a proud father of two boys and a beautiful little girl. I am also a soldier in Legio IX Hispana of the centuria I Hibernici. I've been interested in Roman military history and Roman culture since the age of five and joined Nova Roma in Junius of 2761 a.u.c. (2008 CE) to share this interest. I served honorably in the U.S. Navy for 14 years and have been to many places throughout the world. From this experience, I learned courage, leadership, strength of character, responsibility and—most importantly—service beyond one's self.

    If elected to this position I will serve the oppidum and the Senate and people of Nova Roma with distinction and set an example for the soldiers in my charge and promote an interest in Nova Roma whether it be civilian or military in nature. I will look to Roman virtues as inspiration in all activies and duties I may be asked to perform, and I will strive to live by the virtues in the service of others. It is with great humility and a sense of duty to my fellow citizens that I ask for your vote.

    May Sol, Iupiter bless each of us and all of our works for the good of all!

    Maximas gratias!

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