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Consul Maior MMDCCLIX Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus is the colleague of Consul Minor MMDCCLIX Pompeia Minucia Strabo, who has her own officina.


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Edictum I: Regarding Flavius Vedius Germanicus as an Augur of Nova Roma.

Flavius Vedius Germanicus, a Pater Patriae of Nova Roma, has previously been an Augur of Nova Roma (March 1998 - March 2002). At the time he resigned his citizenship, membership in the Collegium Augurum was not automatically rescinded when citizenship was renounced, in accordance with ancient tradition. With the authority of LEX EQVITIA GALERIA DE LEGIBVS EX POST FACTIS (which states, "No one shall suffer a penalty for an action which was not subject to a penalty when the action was performed") and the authority to interpret Nova Roma Law (integral to Consular Imperium), based on the application of the LEX EQVITIA GALERIA DE LEGIBVS EX POST FACTIS to this matter, I reinstate Flavius Vedius Germanicus as a full member of the Collegium Augurium.

Dated XVIII February 11:30 AM Roman time, issued officially in the consulship of Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus and Pompeia Minucia Strabo.

[NOTE: This Edictum was revoked.]

Edictum II: Establishment of Nova Roma Wiki

This Edictum is issued in collaboration with Quintus Valerius Callidus, Magister Aranearius.

I. A content managament and collaboration tool has been selected and installed on the Nova Roma web site. This tool is MediaWiki, the same software used by It is located at:

II. Most static content of the web site - that is, almost everything except citizen profile pages - will be moved into the Wiki as time permits. The Annales and Tabularium are high-priority projects.

III. The following citizens shall be WikiMagisters (Scribae), possessing administrative accounts within the Wiki, maintaining user accounts, creating and maintaining templates, creating and enforcing style guidelines, and supervising edits of articles:

1. Quintus Valerius Callidus, Magister Aranearius.

2. Marcus Octavius Germanicus, Wiki Sysadmin and Bureaucrat.

3. Titus Octavius Pius Ahenobarbus

4. Marcus Lucretius Agricola

IV. Any citizen who wishes to participate may do so by signing up for a Wiki account and joining the mailing list Before making any major contributions, please announce on the mailing list which articles you wish to work on, to avoid duplication of effort.

Dated Kal. MARTIAS 10:15 AM Roman time, issued officially in the consulship of Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus and Pompeia Minucia Strabo.


Edictum III: On Fascism

In recent times, some groups, out of a mistaken understanding of Roman history, and wishing to acquire for their ideologies a false pedigree of antiquity have adopted certain symbols of Roma Antiqua, as, for example, the "fasces."

While respecting individual rights to hold any belief freely, I, as a Consul of Nova Roma, condemn all racist and fascist ideologies and any ideology that diminishes the rights or status of any citizen based on such factors as creed, gender, ethnic heritage or sexual orientation. At no time should the use or adoption of any symbol of Roma Antiqua by Nova Roma be construed or understood to imply acceptance of or adherence to any such doctrine by the Res Publica Novae Romae.

These doctrines being inimical to our Res Publica, any citizen who publicly, either at an official Nova Roma event or electronic forum, associates Nova Roma with such doctrines shall be in violation of the principles in which Nova Roma was founded and at the discretion of the Praetor warrant prosecution under our appropriate Laws.

ante diem VI Id. IVNIAS MMDCCLIX a.u.c.

Edictum IV: On Representing Nova Roma

I issue this Edict to address to the people of Nova Roma that no citizen, or group of citizens, shall contact any organization, association, fellowship, government, or any group of people with the intention of representing Nova Roma, or using the name Nova Roma, in an attempt to establish a link between themselves, Nova Roma, and the entity they are in contact with unless, and only if, they are empowered by the Senate or the Laws of Nova Roma.

Authorized actions include, but are not limited to, Provincial Governors contacting a local Park to have a gathering, the Curatrix Aerarii dealing with our financial institutions, the Magister Aranearius dealing with an Internet service provider, etc…

Citizens of Nova Roma who wish to contact an outside group (i.e., another organization, association, fellowship, government, etc…) should contact their Provincial Governor, or one of the Consuls or Praetors to verify if their action is acceptable.

A direct violation of this Edict can, at the discretion of the Praetors, warrant prosecution under our appropriate Laws.

ante diem VI Id. IVNIAS MMDCCLIX a.u.c.

Edictum V: On the Priorities of Nova Roma

On the Priorities of Nova Roma

I hereby reaffirm, as Consul, the priorities of Nova Roma established by the Senate on 31 August 2757 and encourage the citizenry of Nova Roma to be mindful that the purpose of Nova Roma is ultimately for our citizens to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of Roma antiqua while working to establish a modern Civitas. I encourage the Senate, my fellow Magistrates, and the People of Nova Roma to be mindful that all other activities have the potential to take away from our goal to establish a modern Roman community.


The Senate finds that the following items are all priorities for Nova Roma. They are hereby established as such, in order of precedence. This precedence shall not be interpreted to indicate that any item is unimportant. All are priorities. The sole reason for assigning precedence is to better focus resources and effort.

I. The Religio Romana; it's promotion, preservation, protection, and diffusion throughout the communities of Nova Roma.

II. Establishment of a Nova Roma Endowment and its long term growth.

III. Sustaining support of existing projects, including the publication of the Eagle, the Aedilian Fund for the Magna Mater Project, the Scholarship Fund, and the Land Fund.

IV. Outreach, recruitment and retention of citizens, including fostering interest in the activities of the Sodalities.

V. Promotion of Local Group activities.

VI. Encouraging citizens to become involved in the work of government

ante diem VI Id. IVNIAS MMDCCLIX a.u.c.

Edictum VI: Regarding Appius Claudius Priscus

The actions of Appius Claudius Priscus have been questioned, scorned, and deemed inappropriate by many citizens within Nova Roma myself included. Much debate has transpired that has caused many among us, myself included, to focus our most precious asset – time – into prosecuting Appius Claudius Priscus and/or devoting much of our attention to him and his status within Nova Roma.

I have been in the process of establishing a trial against Appius Claudius Priscus, of which I established myself as the presiding magistrate. I support the Nota issued against Appius Claudius Priscus, by the Censors, and honor their right to safeguard the public morality. I am of the belief that the Nota is sufficient to safeguard Nova Roma from any potential damage that Appius Claudius Priscus may cause Nova Roma based on his previous actions of having contacted United States government officials/agencies. Additionally I have issued an Edict (On Representing Nova Roma) regarding anyone attempting to represent Nova Roma without proper authorization to do such. All of the above being the case I am terminating the trial against Appius Claudius Priscus.

I encourage citizen Appius Claudius Priscus to learn about our laws and to correct the actions described in the Nota issued by the Censors, and to strive for the proper execution of the virtues esteemed by Roman tradition by proper conduct on our electronic message boards and live forums. I recommend that future Censors re-evaluation the behavior of citizen Appius Claudius Priscus in the future to determine if the Nota is still necessary.

In my dismissal of the trial against citizen Appius Claudius Priscus I have advised (and highly recommended against) the Praetors from entertaining a petitio actionis against Appius Claudius Priscus unless he violates our laws from this moment in time forward. At this point I see no reason to give citizen Appius Claudius Priscus a forum with which he can extol his beliefs and agenda.


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