Nova Roman taxpayers 2763 AUC (Nova Roma)

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Assidui Novi Romani

The following citizens have paid their taxes for 2763 AUC so far and are assidui. Taxpayers are listed in alphabetical order by nomen.

Currently 141 assidui are registered.

LIST of the ASSIDUI for 2763 auc (Nova Roma Inc. members who paid their annual fee for this year 2010)
updated on Nov. 12, 2010 (pr. Idus Nov. 2763 auc)

List of assidui Nov. 12, 2010.jpg

Note :
1. The pending cases (one currently) will be set in the next publication of this list;
2. This list just concerns the citizens, and do not concern the fee that NR members or guests are to pay as traders ("Equites"), to sell their goods in Nova Roma venues and networks. This Equites list, and the due fee, will be published separately.

Nomina civium assiduorum
Nomina civium assiduorum
Nomina civium assiduorum
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