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Each nundinum (eight-day period), the Nova Roma website editors focus our attention on one project. This might include copying pages from the old site, or writing about a specific topic.

ALL CITIZENS are invited to participate! If you don't have a Wiki (site editing) account, log in to the Album Civium to obtain one. Also, join our editors' mailing list at

Project of 22-30 Jan

Nova Roma Publicity Material

We need to establish a repository of print-worthy documents that can be used to promote Nova Roma.

These could be flyers for posting in public places, or pamphlets to be handed out to individuals.

If you have such files, please upload them in MS-Word, PDF, or PostScript format using the "Upload file" link at left; and in the description include the following category link:

     [[Category:Publicity Material (Nova Roma)]]

The archive of uploaded files can be found here: Category:Publicity Material (Nova Roma)

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