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Conditions of Membership / Forum Rules

This forum is called the "Forum Hospitum" ('FH'). It has been designed for discussions between those interested in ancient Rome, its values and its virtues including the influence that Rome as a global civilization had and continues to have on the modern world. We also welcome contributions on the current practice and development of Latin, and Roman values (or 'virtues'), (see:

It is specifically *not* intended for the discussion of the internal affairs and politics of the Nova Roma organization. Such discussions will not be permitted here.

This list welcomes everybody, particularly prospective as well as existing citizens of Nova Roma. By subscribing to this list, members must agree to abide by its rules.

We accept messages in every language, as long as this creates no technical problem, and the Moderators and members can read such messages. However, members are recommended to translate messages into English, so as to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.

Keep off-topic discussions to a minimum. If the subject in your response differs from the one you are replying to, update the subject line to match your new topic.

Personal messages- friendly greetings, good wishes and so on are welcome within limits, but please conduct discussions of a personal nature off the list.

If you wish to use Latin salutations in your messages, please refer to

Behaviour and etiquette. You must not send harsh, abusive mail. This includes such things as personal attacks, or behaving in a deliberately inflammatory manner. Rudeness, disrespect or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Persistent disagreements with another person should be conducted off the list.

Spam (unsolicited commercial advertising, pornographic material(s), or material(s) of a sexual nature are off limit here.

Members may discuss the Religio Romana, i.e. the cult of the Roman gods and goddesses, as publicly worshipped during the Roman period. Members must show tolerance towards all religions and their practitioners. Preaching and promotion of one religion against others is specifically prohibited.

As far as possible, members of the forum are encouraged to post without interference from the Moderators. However, because some people may be unwilling to abide by the rules, penalties may be applied at the discretion of the Moderators.

Finally...above all please remember 2 points... • Don't be afraid to ask questions - we all have to learn. • Please be polite and considerate to other members.

Valete omnes C Marcius Crispus - List Manager & Moderator, Forum Hospitum

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