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Ex Officio Praetoris Mexici: Annual Report for the Provincia Mexico MMDCCLXI a.U.c.

  • *Provincial Magistrates

Magisterial staff has been modified this year, to promote provincial activity. Mexico has the following praetorium:

-Marcus Iulius Severus.
-Gaius Iulius Adventor (Internis Rebus). (He was appointed in replacement of Lucius Aemilius Paulus, who resigned for personal motives).
-Marca Minicia Fortunata (Externis Rebus).
-Marca Minicia Fortunata
  • Provincial List

Nrprovinciamexico remains as the dedicated mailing list for citizens of Mexico and those with an interest in our Provincia.

  • Provincial Gatherings

A group of citizens has been holding monthly reunions in Mexico City, presided over by the praetor. We are preparing regional and local meetings. Our new Legatus Internis Rebus has been in constant contact with cives in several areas of our Provincia, especially in Guadalajara and Monterrey.

  • Legio VI Ferrata

We had been working in the organization of the III Vexillatio of Legio VI Ferrata, but the cives in charge of this project had to retire for some months. He is back now, ready to start working again.

  • Oppida

We are still working in the foundation of three Oppida, in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. We have found several difficulties, but we hope again to have the three ready to start activities next year.

  • Cultural non profit Association Provincia Mexico Novae Romae

We have been working to organize the Provincia Mexico as a cultural, non profit association, according to Mexican law. This legal status will allow us to collaborate with city councils, universities, and other associations for cultural activities all over Mexico. This has been more complicated than we thought initially, but we hope to offer concrete results next year.

  • Budget

Since we still have very few assidui citizens, we can't really work with a budget. All the expenses until now have been paid for the citizens who have been participating in our activities.

This year, the full amount of the collected taxes was sent to Nova Romae's treasury.

  • Another term as praetor

Clarissimi Senatores, I am also respectfully addressing you by means of this message, to ask you for your recognition in order to be prorogued for another term as Praetor of the Provincia Mexico. I am an assiduus citizen, and I've been working in several areas since I joined Nova Roma.

I have been working hard to organize the Provincia Mexico, which was paralyzed until I started this effort, with the enthusiastic help of some other cives, mainly Marcia Minicia Fortunata, Lucius Aemilius Paulus, Gaius Iulius Adventor, Servia Iulia Severa, and the invaluable support and advice of the praetor Hispaniae, and Caput Officina Approbationum, M. Curiatius Complutensis, who is also my colleague as praetor Novae Romae.

I have served as Rogator, Viator Tribunus Plebis, and I am currently a praetor, Accensus Consulum T. Iulii Sabini et M. Moravii Piscini, and have been working as Scriba Censoris in the Cohors of Censor K. Fabius Buteo Modianus. I am also Spanish and French Interpreter, designated by you, Clarissimi Senatoris.

I was elected Musaeus of the Collegium Eratous, in the Sodalitas Musarum, and I am also Socius of the Chorus Musarum.

Clarissimi Senatores, all the active cives in the Provincia Mexico, support my prorogation of term as praetor.

I will work with the biggest enthusiasm and dedication to reach the following goals:

-1) To strengthen the ties of the Provincia with Nova Roma, promoting the involvement of our citizens in the social and political life of the Res Publica.
-2) To celebrate agreements with the main Mexican universities, to promote activities related to ancient Rome and to Nova Roma.
-3) To constitute the Province as a civil non-lucrative society, with its own juridical personality according to the legal Mexican frame.
-4) To support, as it has been done, the creation of the III Vexilla of Legio VI Ferrata, and promote events of military re-enactment in the Province.
-5) To create and develope new local groups (Oppida and Municipia) in the Provincia.
-6) Tom organize more meetings between the citizens of the Provincia Mexico, including a full provincial meeting each year; increasing the cultural and recruitment activities, and the participation in international Nova Roman events.
-7) To accelerate the creation of the provincial web site and to make use of it, to link more the Province with the rest of the Res Publica.

Clarissimi Senatores, I ask your support for my prorogation of term as Prætor of the Provincia Mexico.

Valete bene in pace deorum,




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