Mediatlantica Province Praetorian Edict I (Nova Roma)

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Ex Officio Tiberius Galerius Paulinus Praetor of Mediatlantica Province

I. According to the Lex Arminia de Edictis as amended by the Lex Arminia de Ministris Provincialibvs.

"Due to the passing of Potestas et Imperium, when there is a change of Propraetor or Proconsul in a province, all of his provincial apparitores (such as Scribae, Legati, etc.) are automatically relieved from their duties. If the new Propraetor or proconsul desires to keep a previous apparitor, he must re-issue an edictum nominating him or her."

I hereby extend for 30 days, (until July 3rd 2759) all current Mediatlantica provincial apparitores and keep in effect all provincial edicta.

Further any citizen of Mediatlantica Province is invited to submit a letter of interest in serving in the provincial administration.

Done on Dies PRID. NON IVN. MMDCCLIX A. V. C. in the Consulship of G. Fabius Buteo Modianus and Pompeia Minucia Strabo (4th day of June 2759 )

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