Ludi Romani 2767 a.u.c./Augustus Conquest Contest

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About the Contest

Salvete omnes!

The ACC is a geography game about the Roman Empire.


A) Using the interactive map of the Roman Empire found at, locate and determine the answers to the following contest questions:

1. Along what river does Basilia lie in Germania Superior?

2. What is the name of the castrum immediately west of Vindonissa in Germania Superior?

3. What industrial operation is located on the Aenus River approximately 10km east-southeast from the Pocking Settlement in Raetia?

4. What is primarily co-located together in the vicinity around Municipium Brigetio in Northern Pannonia?

5. What is the mountain range near Spoianae in Pannonia Inferior?

6. What are the three major manmade features on the road north of Limia in Northern Hispania?

7. What type of buildings are located west of the road through the Gerunda Settlement in Northeastern Hispania (There are 2 buidings of each type)?

8. What is located approximately 20km northeast f the Ilorci Settlement in Hispania?

9. What is the most southern settlement along the Atlantic Coast of Western Africa, south of the Straits of Gibralter?

10. How do you get from Mutila to Apsarus?

11. What is located on the hilltop 10km west of Augustonemetum?

12. What are located at Realmese and Grotticella on the Island of Sicily?

13. What manmade feature is located 1km west of Excisum in Southern Aquitania?

14. What is unique about the settlement of Ebusu?

15. What nine natural features lie in the vicinity of Gemellae in Northern Africa?

16. What is located at el Bayadh in Northern Africa?

17. What type of settlements lie northwest and east of Tigava Castra in Northern Africa?

18. What is the name of the monuments that lies approximately 7 km east of Tipasa in Northern Africa?

19. Who is the temple immediately east of Naupactus in Macedonia dedicated to?

20. What lies east of the settlement of Chaleion in Southern Macedonia?

B) SEND YOUR ANSWERS TO: with the Subject as "ACC Entry"

C) ALL entries must be received NO LATER THAN 12:00 Noon Rome Time on Thursday, September 18th.

Optime valete,


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