Ludi Romani 2761 Munera final results (Nova Roma)

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Ludi Romani 10th birthday munera

Not many fighter this year. However, it is our 10th Birthday! The gladiatores, their patrones and factiones being there must therefore be thanked more. No doubt that the value has replaced the missing number.

These Munera has been coordinated by Scr. praetoriana A. Tullia Scholastica with the efficient assistance by T. Iulius Sabinus, scriba consul.

Ludi Romani munera final results

You will find below the table of the Munera Romana (Sept. 12-15, 2008/2761 auc) final results.

Our great winner is thraex Hanno carthaginensis.

Even we Romans distrust Punics, we must acknowledge the value of C. Tullius Valerianus Germanicus proud fighter. And things were not done, for Hanno was to meet the now well known secutor who belongs to Russati-backed Gallus L. Rutilius Minervalis' ludus.

With no doubt, Hon. Valerius has hit a big hit, for he won this contest over three Gauls !!

Last, both Hanno and Valerianus Germanicus will be for ever in Nova Roma tabulae, for they have not only won the Munera Romana, the most important annual munera event, but overall the 10th birthday one.

So all our warm congratulations to Hon. Germanicus and his factio Veneta, and our greetings to all two Gallici patroni, Rutili and Petroni. Russata has lost, but was there, again !

The gladiators are classified according their final rank, from the 1st one and winner (on the first top line) to the last one.

Though no fight has been organized to classify the gladiators which have lost in semis, every one has been classified according her/his result against the winning ones. Thus, a fighter who has lost against the winner of the contest will have a higher rank than the one who has lost against the lowest one.

By clicking the gladiator's name, you will be able to access more details (if available!), collected by the aedilitas through the entered games, or given by the patronus gladiatoris, the owner of the concerned Ludus team. Thanks to these informations, these casual and virtual characters will become more alive for us, and become a part of our community.

The nomen gladiatoris is the fighter's name, given in Latin or in the genuine language, spoken - or close to - in the ancient times (for ex. Gaelic, Punic, etc.). The second column contains the gladiator's type (murmillo, thraex, secutor, etc.). The 3rd column gives the turn when the gladiator has lost (except the final winner, naturally), and her/his rank in this turn. On the factiones, 'A' naturally means albata, 'P' praesina, 'R' russata and 'V' veneta.

Order Nomen glad. Type Lost in Owner Factio
I Hanno carthaginensis Thraex Never C. Tullius Valerianus Germanicus V
II Diogenes Secutor Finals L. Rutilius Minervalis R
III Lucanus Hoplomacus 2nd semi C. Petronius Dexter R
IV Hierocles Murmillo 1st semi C. Petronius Dexter R

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