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The Ludi Novi Romani are the games celebrating the founding of Nova Roma, 17 years ago. This year, in the absence of aediles curules, the aediles plebis A. Iulius Paterculus and C. Maria Marcella organize this festival.

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, sacerdos Concordialis, with a chorus of young Nova Roman citizens performing the Carmen Decennale "Rome To New Rome" by P. Ullerius Stephanus Venator, a poem written for celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of Nova Roma in 2008


Enjoy the video made about the 10th Anniversary Concordialia here:

The video is made about the official 10th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Nova Roma, the 10th birthday of Nova Roma, held on the Kalends of March, 2761 AUC, during the consulship of M. Moravius Piscinus Horatianus and T. Iulius Sabinus, organized by Cn. Cornelius Lentulus and Pannonian citizens of Nova Roma.

You can also hear the reading of the Latin variant of the Declaration of Nova Roma, our founding document, with subtitles, captured on the same day, recorded by Cn. Lentulus.


Opening of the Ludi Novi Romani


A. Paterculus aedilis plebis Quiritibus s. p. d.

It is now just over seventeen years since Nova Roma was founded.

A child who was born at the same time would be nearly an adult by our modern standards; by ancient standards such a child would be old enough to have already spent years married or in military service. In either case, after so many years a human being would have already begun to experience a wider view of the world, to view inherited perspectives with a new degree of objectivity, or at least a different and broader understanding then before. How unlike the experience of such a child is ours!

For in Nova Roma, such a shift in perspectives is not an occurrence that happens rarely, to be lauded as a rite of passage. It is continual event, renewed by every new citizen who brings a fresh interpretation of a person, event, or tradition, evident in every debate in which each side learns to see the past a little more clearly. Just as the union of the Mediterranean allowed the spread of ideas from Antioch to Massalia, the union of our republic allows an ever-improved understanding of Rome to reach not only the thoughts, but the lived experience of more people. This may be something which has taken seventeen years to reach the point it has now, but it was inherent from day 1.

In that spirit, I am pleased to announce the opening of this year’s ludi Novi Romani.

Valete. A. Iulius Paterculus, Aedilis Plebis

Program of the Ludi Novi Romani 2768

  • The 3rd Edition of "Canada Citerior" - The Twelve Caesars - Roman Coin Contest by C. Claudius Quadratus
  • Virtual Chariot Race by M. Pompeius Caninus

The Games

The 3rd Edition of the "Canada Citerior" - The Twelve Caesars - Roman Coin Coin Contest

- by C. Claudius Quadratus

To honor Nova Roma's birthday and the soon-to-arrive Vernal Equinox, a Canada Citerior Coin Contest will be held in conjunction with the Ludi Romani.

This contest is open to all and an identifiable ancient Roman coin will be awarded to those with the top three scores. The theme of the contest will be "The Twelve Caesars." (Note: this involves the rulers and is not meant as a reference to the work of Suetonius.) There will be four sets of short answer questions, to be posed in the early morning (all times are Rome times) of March 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th. The deadline for response is Noon on the Ides, at which time the answers will be posted. The results will be announced before midnight on the Ides.

You may respond to any set of questions as late as Noon on the Ides. However, one bonus point will be awarded to those who respond to any set of questions prior to the posing of the following set. Up to three bonus points may be earned in that way.

ESSENTIAL: Your answers must be posted to Anyone who mistakenly publicly posts answers will not be eligible for a prize.

If you have questions, contact me at the above email address.

Participate! Roman coins awarded to the three highest scorers. Note: This contest is rated PG.

Good luck to all contestants.

1st Question

The first of The Twelve Caesars, of course, was C. Iulius Caesar, the great general and dictator who met his fate on the Ides of March.

Caesar had family ties to a somewhat earlier great general who died shortly after entering upon his seventh consulship.

1. Who was that general?

2. How, exactly, were Caesar and that general related?

3. - 4. That general made some very important changes to the military. What were two of those changes?

5. That general was a so-called "New Man." What is meant by that term?

6. Name another very famous "New Man."

Caesar also had family ties to another, more contemporary, great general.

7. - 8. Who was this second general and how, exactly, were they related?

9. - 10. Something tragic happened (nothing to do with military or political matters) that weakened the relationship between Caesar and this general. What happened and in what year?

(10 points + 1 possible bonus point are available.)

Ludi Circenses

Send in your chariot race entries to celebrate both Equirria and Nova Roma.

Saturday, March 14, is Equirria. I will be sponsoring a chariot race to celebrate this festival as part of our Ludi Novi Romani. This will be a traditional quadriga chariot race.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the chariot race must send an entry request to M. Pompeius Caninus at before 8:00 PM Rome time (3:00 PM Eastern time, 2:00 PM Central time, 1:00 PM Mountain time, Noon Pacific time, 11:00 AM Alaska, 10:00 AM Hawaii) on Saturday, March 14, 2015. Multiple entries are permitted - up to three per person. Each entry should include the following information: 1. Your name in Nova Roma 2. The name of your chariot 3. The name of your driver 4. The tactic you intend to use for the Quarterfinals and Semifinals races 5. The tactic you intend to use for the Final race. 6. The name of your factio or team: Russata (Red), Albata (White), Veneta (Blue), Prasina (Green)

Six (6) race tactics are possible: A. To hurry in the last laps B. To pass the curves closely the "spina" of the circus. C. To support a constant pace D. To lash the rivals E. To push the rivals to the wall of the circus F. To hurry in the straight lines

Depending on the volume of entries, I may not be able to use all entries you submit so please list them in priority order - 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice - I will take all of the 1st choice entries, then see if there is room for 2nd choice, then see if there is room for 3rd choice.

Send your entries to and not to the public fora.

Please feel free to add all the details you can about the background and description of your entries, especially the driver and the chariot itself - the more details I have, the better will the race accounts turn out to be.

The final results of the Chariot Races for Ludi Novi Romani 2768:'</center>

Place Owner Driver Chariot Factio
1 Marcus Martianius Lupus Barinthus Faolchú Dubh Veneta
2 Titus Sicinius Lupus Gaius Cloelius Primo Veneta
3 Marca Valeria Pavo Iason Nike Russata
4 Gaius Decius Laterensis Maleos of Alexandria White Lightning Albata
5 Tiberius Iulius Nerva Tiberius Iulius Nerva Boihaemum Russata
6 Marcus Martianius Lupus Ursinus Maximus venetus Veneta

Closing of the Ludi Novi Romani

Official Ædilician closing statement


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