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Rules of the Mythology Quiz

1. Three (3) points are given for each completely correct answer.

2. Whomever has the most points at the end of the contest wins a prize.

3. Submit answers to each day's questions to with the subject header "Mythology Trivium".

4. My decision is final in interpreting what is and what is not a correct answer.

Sta. Cornelia Valeriana Iuliana Aeternia

Questions and Answers for Mythology Quiz

Mars (Dies 1)

Question #1. Who was the Consort of Mars? And what was her name?

  • Answer #1. Nerio, Nerine, or Valour

Question #2. What was the name of the Priesthood that Mars was called upon to drive off rust?

  • Answer #2. Priesthood of the Arval Brothers

Question #3. Which two animals were sacred to Mars?

  • Answer #3. Woodpecker and Wolf

Concordia (Dies 1)

Question #1. Which pair of Deities was Concordia associated with?

  • Answer #1. Pax & Salus

Question #2. Which Aedile erected a Bronze Shrine to Concordia in 304 B.C?

  • Answer #2. Gnaeus Flavius

Question #3. In the city of Pompeii which Priestess dedicated a temple to Concordia Augusta?

  • Answer #3. Eumachia

Iuppiter (Dies 1)

Question #1. Give Definition to the following four aspects of Iuppiter

a. Jupiter Caelestis
b. Jupiter Optimus Maximus
c. Jupiter Tonans
d. Jupiter Taranis
  • Answer #1. Heavenly, The Best and Greatest, Thunderer, Jupiter equating with the Celtic God Taranis

Question #2. What are the words to Iuppiters’ Oath in Latin?

  • Answer #2. Si sciens fallo, tum me ,Dispiter salva urbe arceque bonis eiciat ut ego hunc lapidem.

Question #3. Name three demigods Fathered by Iuppiter?

  • Answer #3. The Dioscuri, Heracles, Helen, Bacchus,

Pluto (Dies 2)

Question #1. What are the names of the Five Rivers of Hades? And what are their meanings?

  • Answer #1. Acheron- River of sorrow, Cocytus-River of lamentation, Phlegethon-River of fire, Lethe River of oblivion, Styx-River of Hate

Question #2. Name the abode of Pluto?

  • Answer #2. Erebus

Question #3. Who were the Roman demigods of the Underworld?

  • Answer #3. Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Aeacus, or Inferii Di

Question #4. How many pomegranate seeds did Prosperina eat to seal her marriage to Pluto?

  • Answer #4. six

Prosperina (Dies 2)

Question #1. Prosperina is closely associated with what ancient Fertility goddess?

  • Answer #1. Libera

Question #2. Who was the poet who asked Prosperina to bring his wife back to the land of the living?

  • Answer #2. Orpheus

Iuno (Dies 3)

Question #1. Name the Festival held in honor of Juno during March? Name the animals sacrificed in her honor?

  • Answer #1. Matronalia, b.) lambs & cattle,

Question #2. Identify the meaning of Juno Sospita?

  • Answer #2. The Saviour

Question #3. In Virgil’s Aeneid what name is Juno referred as?

  • Answer #3. Saturnia

Question #4. Name three children Juno gave birth to?

  • Answer #4. Vulcan, Ares, Juventas (Hebe)

Minerva (Dies 4)

Question #1. Minerva is worshipped as one of the Capitoline Triad with what other two gods?

  • Answer #1. Iuno & Iuppiter

Question #2. Identify three things Minerva is known to be goddess of?

  • Answer #2. Wisdom, Weaving, Strategic War, Music, (many different answers can apply)

Question #3. Minerva is closely associated with what Celtic goddess?

  • Answer #3. Sulis Minerva

Neptunus (Dies 5)

Question #1. On what day is Neptunalia held?

  • Answer #1. July 23rd

Question #2. Besides being the god of water and the sea, which animal is Neptune the god of?

a. Cat
b. Ox
c. Bird
d. Horse
  • Answer #2. D-Horse

Question #3. Which saltwater goddess was Neptune paired with?

  • Answer #3. Salacia

The Sea (Dies 5) --- Bonus Questions

Question #1. Name the Sea Queen married to the Ocean Giant Ophion in Book I of the Argonautica?

  • Answer #1. Eurynome

Question #2. Name the two demigods, sailors invoked to protect them against shipwrecks?

  • Answer #2. Dioscuri (Castor & Pollux)

Question #3. Who were the 3, 000 daughters of Titans Oceanus and Tethys?

  • Answer #3. The Oceanids

Question #4. Which mythological creature is often identified with a Siren?

  • Answer #4. Mermaid

Vesta (Dies 6)

Question #1. Which auspicious tree is used in kindling Vestas’ sacred fire?

  • Answer #1. Arbor Felix (Oak Tree)

Question #2. Who was the Vestal Virgin who gave birth to Romulus & Remus?

  • Answer #2. Rhea Silvia

Question #3. What was the task that Vestal’s perform during Parilia?

  • Answer #3. Suffimen

Vulcanus (Dies 7)

Question #1. Give the location of the forge of Vulcanus?

  • Answer #1. Mount Etna

Question #2. Who was the mother of Vulcanus?

  • Answer #2. Juno

Question #3. Which goddess did Vulcanus father Cupid with?

  • Answer #3. Venus

Bacchus (Dies 8)

Question #1. True or False. Bacchus is the Patron Deity of Agriculture and Theatre?

  • Answer #1. True

Question #2. The nymphs known to follow Bacchus are called?

  • Answer #2. Bacchae, Maenades,Thyades,Mimallones, Mimallonides, (any answr is applicable)

Question #3. Which gods are known to be associated with Bacchus?

  • Answer #3. Liber & Dionysus

Venus (Dies 9)

Question #1. As Mother of Aeneas what Gens claims to descend from the goddess Venus?

  • Answer #1. Gens Iulii, Gens Julia (both acceptable)

Question #2. Venus is the mother of which winged god?

  • Answer #2. Cupid

Question #3. On April 1st which Festival is celebrated in honor of Venus Verticorida?

  • Answer #3. Veneralia

Apollo (Dies 9)

Question #1. What “mythical” creature was sacred to Apollo?

  • Answer #1. Griffin

Question #2. Who was Apollo’s famous twin?

  • Answer #2. Diana

Question #3. Name three things Apollo is the god of?

  • Answer #3. light, poetry, Music, Medicine, Prophecy (many answers do apply)

The Nine Muses (Dies 9)

Question #1. Who were the parents of the Nine Muses?

  • Answer #1. Jupiter & Mnesomyne

Question #2. What other name were the Muses called in Roman Myth?

  • Answer #2. The Camenae

Question #3. Name the Nine Muses and their patron arts?

  • Answer #3. Callope-Epic Poetry, Clio-History, Erato-Love Poetry, Euterpe-Lyrical Poetry, Melpomene-Tragedy,Polyhymnia-Sacred Poetry,

Terpschiore-Dance, Thalia-Comedy, Urania-Astronomy,

Ceres (Dies 10)

Question #1. The seven day Festival of Cerealia included what popular Ludi?

  • Answer #1. Ludi Ceriales

Question #2. The changing of the seasons is based off the kidnapping of which daughter of Ceres?

  • Answer #2. Prosperina

Question #3. Which goddess is associated with Ceres?

  • Answer #3. Tellus

Pomona (Dies 10) --- Bonus Questions

Question #1. True or False. Pomona has a Greek counterpart?

  • Answer #1. False

Question #2. Pomona rejected the love of which fertility god?

  • Answer #2. Silvanus

Question #3. What kind of knife is associated with Pomona?

  • Answer #3. Pruning knife

Diana (Dies 11)

Question #1. True or False. Diana is one of the three virgin goddesses in roman myth?

  • Answer #1. True

Question #2. Which Titan goddess associates with Diana?

  • Answer #2. Luna

Question #3. When Diana is wearing a crown, which symbol is shown?

  • Answer #3. Moon

Mercurius (Dies 12)

Question #1. True or False. Tuesday is called “Dies Mercurii” (Mercury’s Day)?

  • Answer #1. False

Question #2. Identify at least three of Mercury’s counterparts?

  • Answer #2. Wodin (Wotan) Lugh, Hermes

Question #3. In Ovid’s Fasti name the Nymph whom Mercury escorted to the underworld?

  • Answer #3. Larunda

Fortuna (Dies 12)

Question #1. Who was Fortuna’s Greek counterpart?

  • Answer #1. Tyche

Question #2. Fortuna is often described as being veiled or blind depicting which Roman Virtue?

  • Answer #2. Justitia

Question #3. What is the meaning of Fortuna Victrix?

  • Answer #3. Victory in Battle

Pax (Dies 13)

Question #1. Who were the parents of Pax?

  • Answer #1. Jupiter & Justitia

Question #2. In art Pax is depicted with what three items?

  • Answer #2. olive branch, cornucopia, and scepter

Question #3. Pax is often associated with what season?

  • Answer #3. Spring

Final Results

The scores for the Mythology Quiz for Ludi Novi Romani 2764 and final positions are:

  • 1st Place:V.Valerius Volusus
  • 2nd Place:M.Pompeius Caninus
  • 3rd Place:G.Solarius Alexander
  • 4th Place:C.Petronius Africanus
  • 5th Place:Ti.Marcius Quadra
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