Ludi Matutini 2761 Circenses final results (Nova Roma)

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Ludi Matutini Circenses final results

You will find below the table of the Circenses Matutini (June 9-12, 2008/2761 auc) final results.

The drivers and chariots are classified according their rank, from the 1st one and winner (on the first top line), to the last one.

Though no race has been organized to classify the chariots which have lost in quarters and semis, all the esseda have been classified according their result against the winning ones. Thus, a chariot that has lost against the winner of the contest will have a higher place than the one who lost against the lowest qualilfied for the quarters.

By clicking their name, you will be able to access more details, collected by the aedilitas through the entered games, or given by the patronus, the owner of the concerned Ludus team. Thanks to these informations, these casual and virtual characters will become more alive for us, and become a part of our community.

The nomen aurigae is the driver's name, given in Latin or in the genuine language, spoken - or close to - in the ancient times (for ex. Gaelic, Punic, etc.). The nomen essedi gives the chariot's name. Then, the 4th column gives the turn when the driver and her/his chariot has lost (except the final winner, naturally), and her/his rank in this turn. On the factiones, 'A' naturally means albata, 'P' praesina, 'R' russata and 'V' veneta.

Matutini circenses final results:

Order Nomen aurigae Nomen essedi Lost in Owner Factio
I Vindex Syntarsus Never G. Aurelia Falco Silvana P
II Petronius Gnipho Vita brevis Finals - 2nd Cn. Equitius Marinus A
III Spandex vandalus Velociraptor Finals - 3rd G. Aurelia Falco Silvana P
IV Attila Cica Finals - 4th Tita Popillia Laenas R
V Anthropophagus Germanica Finals - 5th (acc. 2) D. Arminius Brutus R
VI Drusillus gallus Potentia Finals - 6th (acc. 1) P. Constantinus Vetranio] R
VII Amadian Taurus II Semi 3 - 3th P. Constantinus Placidus R
VIII Ochoa Gloria russata Semi 2 - 3th Sextus Postumius Albus R
IX Amarach Taurus I Semi 1 - 3th (acc.) P. Constantinus Placidus R
X Aofe Silurum Biga fortunae Semi 3 - 4th Gnaeus Equitius Marinus A
XI Poncianus Erebus Semi 2 - 4th (acc.) Gaius Arminius Reccanellus R
XII Samicus Pilum Semi 1 - 4th (acc.) Q. Cornelia Quadrata A
XIII Betelgesus Aurora rubra Qu. 3 - 3rd M. Arminius Maior R
XIV Diocles Aura Qu. 2 - 3rd G. Valerius Germanicus V
XV Viriatus Sertorius Ulpia Qu. 3 - 3rd G. Aemilius Crassus R
XVI Ultor Ulixes Qu. 1 - 3rd G. Valerius Germanicus V
XVII Dorothea Erinaceus Qu. 6 - 3rd Gn. Cornelius Lentulus R
XVIII Iulius Sabinus Crassus T. Aprilis Qu. 4 - 3rd T. Iulius Sabinus Crassus R
XIX Barinthus FaolchĂș Dubh Qu. 3 - 4th M. Martianius Lupus V
XX Barbarufa Rubidea Qu. 2 - 4th M. Arminius Maior R
XXI Figulus Sp. Blasius II Qu. 5 - 4th S. Postumius Albus R
XXII Traianus Fl. Ferocitas Valerii Qu. 1 - 4th (acc.) M. Valerius Traianus P
XXIII Scipio Falco Octavia Qu. 6 - 4th (acc.) L. Aurelius Severus R
XXIV Ursinus Maximus venetus Qu. 4 - 4th (acc.) M. Martianius Lupus V
XXV Amara aegeus Graecus Celeritas Qu. 6 - 5th (acc.) T. Arminius Genialis R

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