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Ludi MATUTINI OPENING ceremony :

11:45 AM ~ Live at the Forum Boarium

Direct from Forum Boarium Mater Matuta temple, by our reporter P. Concordianus Felix for CLC (Catena Ludorum Curulium)

Thanks all for watching or listening C.L.C., Catena Ludorum Curulium ! Publicus Concordianus Felix is speaking to report you the Ludi Matutini opening ceremony. I am standing, thanks to a special aedilician and pontifical authorization, beside one of the columns of Mater Matuta's temple, on the Forum Boarium.

After having celebrated the regular Megalesia, last April, the aedilitas curulis is going on with the special events organized for Nova Roma Tenth birthday.

Third extraordinary event, these Ludi Matutini will be given during three days, from today June 9 (a.d. Idus Iun. VI) to June 11 (a.d. Idus IV).

Today, unfortunately, aedilis curulis P. Memmius Albucius is alone. I mean, he is alone among all the officials, and with the whole aedilitas, but former aedilis S. Lucilius Tutor is not here any more. For Hon. Lucilius has resigned from his office, for he has understood that he will not have time enough to go on fulfilling his duties this year. Well, it is soon noon... The weather is not hot, today here, in Rome. It is sunny and sweet.

We can see the aedilician team between the columns, on top right of the temple, while the officials are on both sides of the stairs. There are here senators and magistrates. Aedilis Publius Memmius Albucius has now made a discret sign with the head, to let both consuls aware that he is ready to begin his speech. Consul Moravius, which is chairing the senate this month, has stood on Memmius's right side, while his colleague Iulius is now standing on his left. The crowd has gathered in front of the temple, and in every square foot of this part of the Forum Boarium.

But let us listen to the Aedile's address :

12:00 Noon ~ Opening Ceremony

Quirites ! Patres ! Consules ! Magistrates and religious officers !

Salvete !

Here are our Ludi Matutini. They are Games to celebrate the growing sun, the sun which fights the darkness and is, at last, victorious through the dawn, symbolized by Mater Matuta, that we will honor on the last of these three days, during the Matralia.

We will ask the help, along of the traditional Ludi gods and goddesses, also of either the ones who support the factiones, or of the others who back up our Plebs or Nobilitas, or Rome itself. I want to speak of Vesta, Sol-Mithra, Matuta and Fortuna.

We will have cultural contests, either historical, literary, or photo- video ones, but also Circenses ones and, for the first time a Conjectura Pedifollaria contest around the current Euro 2008 that began from last Saturday.

As for previous ludi, our priests will involve in the relevant rituals, and the whole aedilitas will work to give you good Games.

Take part to them, Quirites !

The auspices that I have taken this morning, at dawn, as curule magistrate in charge of these Ludi, have been favorable.

So let us have Ludi, Quirites ! Vesta dea will protect us today, and already Sol indigenus has protected us, providing us its sweet rays, and not burning rays. This is good omen !

Quirites ! I, Aedilis curulis Publius Memmius Albucius, with the support of our Gods, of our Senate, and of our People, towards you and your Consuls, officially declare our Ludi Matutini open !"""

The crowd gathered in the Forum Boarium has applauded: you have heard it! Now this afternoon, bid will be taken for the Conjectura Pedifollaria and the Circenses will begin in the Circus. Here was speaking Publius Concordianus Felix for C.L.C., and it is 0:45 pm this a.d. VI Idus Iun. (9th June) !

More information on the Ludi schedule at :

P. Memmius Albucius

aed. cur.

for the aedilitas

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