Ludi Matutini 2761 AUC (Nova Roma)/Ludi Circenses/Finals/2

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Syntarsus finishes in lead position, followed by Vita Brevis, Velociraptor, then Cica.

Vindex makes a victory lap and the crowds cheer loudly, while Gaia Aurelia Falco Silvana celebrates wildly on the terraces with other members of Factio Praesina!

Circus officials certify the results and present them to Quaestor Hortensia, who announces the following results:

  • VICTOR: Syntarsus, sponsored by Gaia Aurelia Falco Silvana
  • 2nd Place: Vita Brevis, sponsored by Gnaeus Equitius Marinus
  • 3rd Place: Velociraptor, sponsored by Gaia Aurelia Falco Silvana
  • 4th Place: Cica, sponsored by T. Popillia Laenas
  • 5th Place: Germanica, sponsored by D. Arminus Brutus (Accident)
  • 6th Place: Potentia, sponsored by Publius Constantinus Vetranio (Accident)

3:30 PM ~ Closing Ceremony

As the races come to a close, the Editor of the Games, Quaestor Triarius, and the Consules await the Victor, Vindex, and the Domina Factionis/Owner of Syntarsus, Gaia Aurelia Falco Silvana, to make their way through the crowds to the awards platform. Consules M. Moravius and T. Iulius also make their way down from their seats to the awards platform. Once everyone is present, surrounded by Factio Praesina team members, Quaestor Vitellius congratulates Vindex and presents him with a Victory Corona and a gilded statue of Fortuna. The Consul Moravius presents Gaia Aurelia Falco Silvana with a large chest of gold and silver coins. Consul Iulius presents Vindex with a handsome scroll, deeding Vindex some river front property along the Tiber. The crowds cheer and everyone makes their way to congratulate the Victor before his departure.

The Praesina chariots have entered the track and are awaiting their veteran Ludi champion to make his processional exit from the Circus Maximus. There is a special victory banquet being held at the Trigarium for Vindex, and a special all night celebration at the villa of Gaia Aurelia Falco Silvana. As everyone is making their way out of the Circus to participate in the various celebrations and festivities around the eternal city, Quaestor Vitellius thanks everyone for attending the events.

So, there it is! Another outstanding series of chariot racing from the Circus Maximus in the eternal city, Roma!

This is M. Verus Paenula of the Aedilician Network, signing off from the Circus Maximus and we will see you here again at the end of summer for the next set of chariot races!

Di vos incolumes custodiant!





Is the power off . . . are we off the air now . . . good, I need some more Falernian! Hey, yeah you, bring me one of those large amphorae . . . Hey, has Triarius left yet . . . I need a ride, I am not walking all the way down there . . .

<end transmission>

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