Ludi Matutini 2761 AUC (Nova Roma)/Certamen Historicum (Spartacus)

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Theme and rules

The Ludi Matutini Certamen Historicum is this time about "Spartacus". The certamen questions are displayed in two groups : one group of 11 questions on Monday 9th June evening, a second group of 19 questions on Tuesday 10th evening.

The answers are to be sent to : NR_Cohors_aedilicia @yahoogroups. com
at Scr. Gaius Marcius Crispus 's attention, before
- Tuesday 10th 20:30 **Rome time** for Monday set ;
- Thursday 12th 20:30 **Rome time** for Tuesday set.

You can note that you have one additional day to answer the second group of questions, which counts more questions.

You have not much time, but it is one element of this contest. Do not worry, and try to fill up, as soon as possible, the answers you are comfortable with. If you are stuck or have no time enough, send your answers as they are: other competitors may have the same difficulties, and the most important is to barn in points. Cultural certamines are never won in the first evening!

Have fun all, good luck and good answers ! Enter the Certamen, just to send a small thought to the ones who have prepared it ! :-)

Monday questions 1 to 11

"In the year 2758 a.u.c., gladiator Spartacus - a Thraex - took part in the Novaroman games organized by one of my predecessors.

Answer the following questions :

1. Who was the curule aedile who organized these games?

2. What was the latin name given by this Aedilis to these games (3 words)?

3. For whom Spartacus did then fight?

4. What Novaroman finally won, through her/his gladiator, these games?"

Answer also the following questions :

5. Among other works inspired by the life of Spartacus, a musical, called "Spartacus" has been released by Jeff Wayne. In which year ?

6. Two of the major artists of Wayne's Spartacus have a special link with another "Spartacus". Who are they?

7. What is the nature of this relation with 'Spartacus', for each of them? [*two* answers required, one for each actor]

8. What was this "other Spartacus" ?"

In year 2755 a.u.c., one of the aediles organized games in which she/he asked who put down the slave revolt of Spartacus in 71 BC.

Answer at last the following questions :

9. What was this aedile's full roman name?

10. In what kind of games this question has been then asked?

11. Who won this cultural contest?"

Tuesday questions 12 to 30

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