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TI.GALERIUS PAULINUS, censorial and consular senator of Nova Roma, has passed away currently holding the office of TRIBUNUS PLEBIS and PROCONSUL. He lived 57 years.
He will live in our memories forever!



The Galerian Funeral Games

The senate of Nova Roma, upon the decree of the collegium pontificum suggested by a motion of Cn. Lentulus, has awarded the recently deceased Ti. Galerius Paulinus a censorial state funeral which was held on 11th November, and an Official State Mourning was held on the days preceding and following his funeral (10th-12th November). In honor of Ti. Galerius Paulinus, the senate also ordered to issue Nova Roman coins in his memory and to hold these LUDI GALERII, the "Galerian Games" to conclude the ceremonies of remembrance. The decree of the senate mandates the following: "The senate also instructs all aediles (curule and plebeian) collegially as a body to hold public funerary games in honor and in memory of Ti. Galerius Paulinus no later than within one month after the funus censorium. The memorial funerary games shall be called Ludi Galerii (Galerian Games) and shall include virtual munera gladiatoria and a biography contest about the life and Roman activities of Ti. Paulinus. The rest of the programs, including the length of the games, is at the discretion of the curule and plebeian aediles, but they shall not exceed 5 days." The aedilis plebis A. Iulius Paterculus edicted that the ludi Galerii shall be held between 16th-18th December.


  • "A Life For Nova Roma: The Life of Ti. Galerius Paulinus" - Biography Quiz Contest
  • Virtual Gladiatorial Combat in honor of Ti. Galerius Paulinus
  • Virtual Horse Race in memory of Ti. Galerius Paulinus

"A Life For Nova Roma: The Life of Ti. Galerius Paulinus" - Biography Quiz Contest

Welcome to the Ti. Galerius Paulinus Biography Contest. Its title tells everything: "A Life For Nova Roma: The Life of Ti. Galerius Paulinus". He was a real enthusiast, and even if NR has been living its darker years recently, facing various problems all of which I'm sure we will overcome, he never ceased to be a voice of positive attitude and enthusiasm. His contributions were various, and he served NR in every single year since he became a member.

We will travel through the life of Ti. Galerius Paulinus, and by thinking about his NR history and researching his past in NR, we will pay homage to his life and his activities.

PARTICIPATE AND HONOR THE MEMORY OF PAULINUS! Anyone can participate, citizens and foreigners as well! ANSWERS ARE TO BE SENT TO: (yahoo dot com)

The contest will last 3 days until the end of the Ludi Galerii, and each day there will be a couple of questions.

"A Life For Nova Roma: The Life of Ti. Galerius Paulinus" - Biography Quiz Contest (Day 1)

ANSWER the questions below! In order to participate, you don't have to answer all questions, but, obviously, the more answers you give, the more points you will get. (All answers can be found somewhere on the Nova Roma website archives or in the NR Yahoo mailing list archives.)

Question #1.: Ti. Galerius Paulinus, aka Timothy P. Gallagher, spent a significant portion of his life as a Nova Roman citizen. How many days of his life was spent within Nova Roma? How many percents of his entire life is that?
Question #2.: Ti. Galerius Paulinus was a proud plebeian and a proud Galerian. Could you name a couple of famous ancient Roman ancestors of this gens? The more you name, the more points you get.
Question #3.: As a Roman devoted to his gens, Paulinus declared many times he would be always loyal and devoted to the original head of the Nova Roman gens Galeria, despite that the anti-Roman gens-head system was later corrected. Who was this person to whom Paulinus pledged respectful loyalty? Full Roman name please!
Question #4.: Our Paulinus was full of ideas and enthusiasm to work for NR from day one he joined. Could you name 3 ideas or initiatives Paulinus proposed in his first two years in NR?
Questionˇ#5.: What was the very first office or job Paulinus held in Nova Roma?
Question #6.: Did Ti. Paulinus win any Nova Roman ludi contests? If he did, name the one or SOME of the ones he won (refer to the year and title of the game and ludi). The more games won by him you name, the more points you get.

"A Life For Nova Roma: The Life of Ti. Galerius Paulinus" - Biography Quiz Contest (Day 2)

Question #7.: Ti. Galerius Paulinus, throughout his time as our fellow citizen, was full of initiatives, plans, projects and ideas. Nova Roma flag project, Nova Roma member's ring, Nova Roma lapel pin, Nova Roma license plate, Nova Roma plastic membership card. How is any of these linked to Paulinus? Find a Main List email in the archives that shows the connection with Paulinus!
Question #8.: After serving in various magistracies, Ti. Paulinus reached the first culmination of his cursus honorum, the highest rank an average Roman statesman could dream about: the praetura. On the day a.d. III Kal. Mar. C. Buteone Po. Minucia consulibus, the aedilis curulis C. Equitius Cato issued an official recognition and praise of then-praetor Ti. Galerius Paulinus (among other citizens). What was he thanked for?
Question #9.: Paulinus have spoken many times about what Nova Roman identity means, what we are, and what is to say we are Nation. Give the link to any public letter of Ti. Galerius Paulinus in which he explains his thoughts about being a Nova Roman Nation.

"A Life For Nova Roma: The Life of Ti. Galerius Paulinus" - Biography Quiz Contest (Day 3)

Question #10.: Ti. Galerius Paulinus never ceased to invent various new projects and initiatives for Nova Roma. Listing all of his ideas and contributions would be a very difficult challenge! But it would be a mistake not to ask you about the Nova Roman Book Club. When did he found it? How did it operate?
Question #11.: Ti. Paulinus reached the highest magistracy of our republic in 2007, and served as consul, the president of the Nova Roman Republic. Under his consulship, he made an important reform through a senatus consultum to the system of governors in Nova Roma, to restore the mos maiorum and ancient Roman practice regarding provincial governors. What was this reform?
Question #12.: Paulinus was a giver. He was always the first to offer donations whenever a Nova Roma Project was launched or our community was in need. We will miss him very much! His heart was truly in our community, and he set a high standard for us to follow. He gave lot to Nova Roma, and now we are trying to pay back honor to his memory. As our last question, could you mention some cases, projects or situations when Paulinus donated to Nova Roma?


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