Ludi Ceriales 2761 AUC: Literary contest

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Salvete omnes.

As a part of Ludi Ceriales 2671 AUC (20th-27h April), a literary contest shall be held.

To enter, write a text (1-2 pages long) on the subject of Roman military life.

All genres and styles are permitted and encouraged. Submit your work to me privately by email ( The deadline is at 21th of April.

The winner shall be awarded with a new NR coin as well as a place of honour on the Ceriales page on the NR website. Best runner-ups shall also be rewarded with a place at the NR website.

Should you want to keep your work anonymous from the public or choose not to accept the publication of your work at the NR website, please mention when submitting your work to me.

As an Aedilis I shall be the judge of the competition.

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