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In remembrance of Augustus' life and deeds, augur C. Claudius Quadratus reads the first section of the Res Gestae Divi Augusti, Augustus' autobiography:


LUDI ROMANI 2767 AUC held this year as part of Ludi Augustales

This year the Ludi Romani are held as part of the Ludi Augustales Bimillenarii from September 5th - 19th. The Official Page for the Games can be found by clicking here:

Augustus memorial sacrifice on the day of Epulum Iovis in Szolnok


On the day of Epulum Iovis, having celebrated with a magnificent Roman dinner, as part of the Augustalia Bimillenaria and also as part of the Ludi Romani honoring Augustus' 2000th anniversary this year, Cn. Cornelius Lentulus pontifex, praefectus Italiae and legatus pro praetore Pannoniae, with the Nova Roman Legio XXI Rapax and Pannonioan citizens of Nova Roma, accompanied by Germanic tribal allied reenactors, performed a ritual to Divus Augustus in the name of the Nova Roman People, sacrificing for the Nova Roman Republic, for the senate and the collegium pontificum, for the magistrates, and for his provinces Pannonia and Italia.

ATTENTION: View our photo report here!

Augustus commemorative contest - by C. Claudius Quadratus

Certamen numismaticum Augusteum

August 19, 2014, marks the 2000th anniversary of the death of Augustus. Nova Roma (at initiative of the procurator of Canada Citerior, C. Claudius Quadratus augur) will commemorate this event by holding a contest. The contest is open to all, but will only be announced on Nova Roman fora.

Contest task

  • Write an original essay, not to exceed 1000 words, preferably (but not necessarily) in English, on ANY subject relating to the coinage of Octavian / Augustus.
An example of the As of Caligula portraying M. Agrippa, with legend M AGRIPPA L F COS III.


Every entrant (!) who submits an essay in accordance with the rules will be awarded a genuine identifiable original ancient Roman coin. The entrant who, in the jury's opinion, submits the clearest and most informative essay will be awarded an As issued by Caligula bearing the image of Marcus Agrippa, including the legend M AGRIPPA L F COS III (one of the most famous Roman inscriptions that will be recognized by many of you). The value of the Agrippa coin exceeds $100.

Contest Rules

  • Essays must be original. Length: 500 - 1000 words.
  • Entries must be submitted to during the period August 19, 2014 to September 16, 2014.
  • Entries must be submitted anonymously. Use an email address that does not identify you and do not include your name. The jury mustn't know your identity until after the essays have been read and judged.

Results will be announced on September 23, 2014 - the birthday of Augustus.


A useful and readily available resource is Roman Coins and their Values, by David R. Sear (The Millennium Edition, Vol. 1). If describing a particular coin, include a catalog reference - either to Sear or some other catalog such as The Roman Imperial Coinage, Vol. 1.

Contact the organizer and jury C. Claudius Quadratus at if you have any questions.


It is our pleasure to celebrate the birthday of Augustus by announcing the results of the Canada Citerior Augustus Memorial Essay Contest.

Six essays were submitted. Of those, two in particular stood out and it was difficult for the judges to choose between them so it has been declared a tie.

The first of those two to be received was an interesting combination of whimsy and speculation entitled "Augustus and the Mystery of the Silver Sestertius." The entries were submitted anonymously and it was only later that the author was revealed to be none other than Cn. Cornelius Lentulus of Pannonia. Accordingly, a coin issued by Caligula bearing the image of his grandfather, M. Agrippa, is on its way.

The second essay in the tie was submitted by a entrant who does not yet have a Roman name. He is Giovanni Accioly Sellaro Jr., from Recife, Brasil. His essay was entitled "The Coinage of Augustus on the Iberian Penisula." His prize will be, fittingly enough, a copper coin bearing the image of Augustus, issued at Colonia Patricia in Spain.

The other entries in order of receipt were "The Coinage Reforms of the Divine Caesar Augustus" by L. Vitellius Triarius, "Gold, gone Silver, gone" by Ti. Marcius Quadra, an untitled essay by M. Pedania Andrea, and an untitled essay by a still anonymous author. Roman coins are being sent to all essayists, with the exception of Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, until such time as identity is established.

C. Claudius Quadratus, the organizer, thanks to all who have participated in this memorial event.

Augustus - Commemorations, Ceremonies and Rituals

Announcement of the Festival


I. I hereby declare as an extraordinary festival and games the Ludi Augustales Bimillenarii (or Augustalia Bimillenaria), to honor and commemorate the 2000th anniversary of the death and deification of Imperator Caesar Augustus, this exceptionally significant man of Roman history, founder of the Empire, and preserver of many republican traditions and values of the mos maiorum.

II. The games will be managed and organized by C. Claudius Quadratus, assisted by Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, and will be held between 19th August, the day of the 2000th anniversary of Augustus' death, and 23rd September, the birthday of Augustus. Not all days will host an event, but ceremonies and events may occur between this interval of the Augustalia Bimillenaria.

III. I call upon my fellow aediles, the aediles curules, to issue a supporting statement, and in this case the games will be recorded as done under their and my joint authority.

IV. Effective immediately.

Datum est a.d. III Id. Sex. Sta. Cornelia C. Aemilio coss. MMDCCLXVII a.u.c.

Ti. Iulius Nerva

EDICTUM 2767-04:

Edict of Aedilis Curulis L. Vitellius Triarius on the Lvdi Avgvstales:

I. I, L. Vitellius Triarius, Curule Aedile, hereby fully support and endorse the


issued by my fellow Aediles plebis, and fully support C. Claudius Quadratus as Editor of these games.

II. Due to the coinciding dates, the Ludi Romani for this year will be held as part of the Ludi Augustales Bimillenarii, so that we may celebrate this extraordinary event fully.

III. Events for the Ludi Romani will be included in the Ludi Augustales Bimillenarii as can be coordinated with the current schedule of events planned.

Datum est a.d. XVIII Kal. Sep. Sta. Cornelia C. Aemilio coss. MMDCCLXVII a.u.c.


Augustus commemorative ceremonies all over the world by Nova Roman provinces

On 19th of August 2014, citizens of Nova Roma from various provinces will recite the: Res Gestae Divi Augusti and/or commemorate Divus Augustus with a ritual:

  • Canada Citerior - C. Claudius Quadratus - initiator
  • Dacia - T. Iulius Sabinus
  • Ohio - C. Decius Laterensis
  • Carolina - S. Laelia Macra
  • Pannonia (Budapest and Szolnok) - Cn. Cornelius Lentulus and Pannonian citizens.
  • Pannonia - Boihaemum (Prague) - Ti. Iulius Nerva and Sex. Lucilius Tutor (photo of the site of the ritual)
  • Alasca et Havaia - M. Pompeius Caninus
  • Virginia - F. Afranius Syagrius
  • America Transapplachiana - L. Vitellius Triarius

A prayer for everybody: a prayer you can use to honor Augustus

Pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus prepared a short ritual (prayer) for those who wish to honor Augustus in the proper way. Use the following text:

Dive Auguste,
hoc die festivissimo et sanctissimo anniversarii bis millesimi mortis et divinitatis tuae,
te precamur quaesumusque,
uti Novam Romam, populum Novum Romanum, rem publicam Novam Romanam,
semper protegas et augeas,
utique Nova Roma rem publicam populi Romani Quiritium populumque Romanum
restituat, restauret, reficiat, renovet,
uti te populus Romanus renatus denuo colere tibique sacra facere possit!
Quarum rerum ergo,
macte hoc vino libando (ture ommovendo / libo dato etc.)
esto fito volens propitius
mihi, domo familiae!

[Wine (or incense or libum or whatever is sacrificed).]

Video Presentation on Roman Coins

The Office of the Curule Aediles is proud to present a new video for the Ludi Augustales Bimillenarii, entitled The Roman Republican and Imperial Coinage of Octavius and Caesar Augustus. This video showcases a partial listing of these extraordinary coins, of which there were over 500 separate issues and variants of those issues during the reign of Augustus.

Need inspiration for the Contest? Hopefully, this video will inspire your writing for a superb entry!

  • View the video presentation

Homage to Augustus: Veneratio Augusto - by C. Claudius Quadratus

A poem written by C. Claudius Quadratus augur, tribunus plebis:

"Let us honor and praise the memory of Augustus!

Honoremus et laudemos memoriam Augusti!

He ended the turmoil of civil war and restored tranquility to the people.

Tumulti belli civilis finem fecit et tranquillitatem populo renovavit.

He brought lasting peace to the City and to the world.

Pacem diuturnam ad urbi orbique tulit.

He restored the temples of the immortal gods and beautified the City.

Aedes deorum immortalium refecit et urbem ornavit.

He strove for public and private morality.

Ad honestatem publicam et privatam contendit.

He overcame great adversity and exceeded all in generosity.

Magnas adversitates superavit et omnes liberalitate vicit.

May the peace of Augustus return to the world.

Pacem Augusti in orbem redeat!"

Public ceremony and sacrifice to Augustus - by Cn. Cornelius Lentulus

Cn. Lentulus pontifex, praefectus Italiae, leg. pr. pr. Pannoniae Quiritibus SPD

On this special and unique day when Augustus, perhaps the most significant Rome who ever lived, celebrates the 2000th anniversary of his death and deification, I offered the following ceremony and sacrifice in the name of our Nova Roman Republic.


Dive Auguste, duorum milium annorum deus,

te hoc ture commovendo bonas preces precor,

uti sis volens propitius

populo Novo Romano Quiritibus,

reique publicae populi Novi Romani Quiritium,

mihi, domo, familiae!

(Incense is sacrificed.)

Dive Auguste, duorum milium annorum deus,

uti te ture commovendo bonas preces bene precatus sum,

eiusdem rei ergo macte vino inferio esto!

(Wine is sacrificed.)


Dive Auguste,

te precamur quaesumusque,

uti res nostra, res Romae reficiundae,

regignundi ac renascentis populi Romani Quiritium,

reique publicae populi Romani Quiritium renaturae

in Pannonia et in praefectura Italia et ubique semper crescat,

convalescat, continenter extendatur, augeatur;

fiantque multo plures Novi Romani Quirites;

motusque et consociatio

ad rem Romanam reficiundam instituatur;

utique Nova Roma et provincia Pannonia Nova Romana

et praefectura Italia Nova Romana

semper crescant, floreant et convalescant:

pluresque cives habeant;

utique Novae Romae, Pannoniae, Italiae, mihi, domo, familiae

omnes eventus semper bonos faustosque esse siris;

utique sis volens propitius

populo Novo Romano Quiritibus,

reique publicae populi Novi Romani Quiritium,

praefecturaeque Italiae Novi Romani Quiritium,

provinciaeque Pannoniae Novi Romani Quiritium,

magistratibus, consulibus, praetoribus, tribunis plebis

populi Novi Romani Quiritium,

collegio pontificum, mihi, domo, familiae!


Quarum rerum ergo macte

his duobus libis libandis

hoc vino lacte melleque mixto libando,

hoc ture ommovendo

esto fito volens propitius

renascenti populo Romano Quiritibus,

mihi, domo, familiae!

(Two libums, wine mixed with milk and honey and incense are sacrificed.)


Dive Auguste,

si quid tibi in hac caerimonia displicuit,

hoc vino veniam abs te peto et vitium meum expio.

Macte hoc vino inferio esto fito volens propitius expiatus!

(Wine is sacrificed.)

Valete in Pace Augusta 2000 annorum!



Public rite to the Divine Augustus - by L. Vitelius Triarius

For the Ludi Augustales Bimillenarii in Provincia America Transappalachiana, Republic of Nova Roma

St. Cornelia C. Aemilio cos. a.d. XIV Kal. Sep. MMDCCLXVII a.u.c.AUG 19, 2014 (2767 AUC)

Performed by L. Vitellius Triarius, Pontifex



I washed both hands in clean water and, in capite velato, prayed: Haec aqua a corpore impuritates velut plumbo ad aurum mutando eluat. Purga mentem. Purga carnem. Purga animum.

Ita est! May this water cast out all impurities from my substance as from lead to gold. Purify my mind. Purify my body. Purify my heart. It is so.

Dive Auguste!

Dive Auguste!

Dive Auguste!

Divine Augustus!

Divine Augustus!

Divine Augustus!


Dive Auguste,

te hoc ture commovendo

bonas preces precor,

uti sis volens propitius

Novis Romanis, amicis meis,

mihi, domo, familiae!

(I offered incense)

Divine Augustus,

by offering you this incense

I pray good prayers so

that you be benevolent and propitious

to the Nova Romans, to my friends,

to me, to my household and to my family.


Dive Auguste,

ut te ture commovendo

bonas preces precatus sum,

eiusdem rei ergo

macte vino inferio esto!

(I offered wine)

Divine Augustus,

as by offering incense

I have prayed good prayers,

for the very same reason

be thou blessed by this wine.


Dive Auguste,

in hoc potissimum die,

commemorat duo milia

et divinitatem, digno mortis,

rogo te, ut custodiant,

Novi Romani populi,

Novi Romani,

et dirige conatibus

ad restituendam libertatem

ad pristinum suum gloriam.

Quarum rerum ergo,

macte hoc vino libando,

hoc ture ommovendo,

esto fito volens propitius

mihi, domo familiae!

(I offered wine and incense)

Divine Augustus,

on this special day,

commemorating the two thousandth

anniversary of your death and divinity,

we humbly ask you to watch over

the Nova Roman peoples,

the New Roman Republic,

and guide our efforts

to restore the Republic

to its former glory.

As of now,

by the libation of this wine,

by the offering of this incense,

be benevolent and propitious

to me, to my household and to my family!


Dive Auguste,

Omnes Di Immortales quocumque nomine:

si quidquam vobis in hac caerimonia displiceat,

hoc vino inferio

veniam peto

et vitium meum expio.

(I offered wine)

Divine Augustus,

All Gods Immortal, by whichever name:

if something in this ceremony was unpleasant to you,

by this wine

I do apologize

and expiate my mistake.

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