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The "Liberatores" (liberators), or by their fuller name, "Liberators Saving Nova Roma", or also called the "Saving Nova Roma Movement", are members of a grassroots movement in Nova Roma who joined together to save Nova Roma from the coup d’état of Caesar and Sulla. The struggle to save Nova Roma from the coup, its destructive consequences, and from the Coup Faction, is called, within the internal history of Nova Roma, the Third "Civil War". The Liberatores are defined as a movement rather than a faction of Nova Roma, because it was not created to influence Nova Roman politics, but it was established as an open network or movement for all law respecting citizens of Nova Roma, regardless of factional affiliation or political sympathies, for the sole purpose to save the organization from illegal abuse, and to restore the corporation and to reunite it with the republic.


The movement was founded immediately after the coup d'état in November, 2015, by Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, with the primary assistance of Sex. Lucilius Tutor. Lentulus organized the movement, recruited the plaintiffs and prepared the strategical decisions for the movement. Soon in the first days another key member of the movement, P. Porcius Licinus became part of the leadership, and directed the most important negotiations with those attorneys who worked with Nova Roma on the saving of the corporation.

Until the mission of the Liberatores was completed, the temporary non-corporate constitution of the Nova Roma authorized the Executive Committee of the Liberatores to guard and protect the republic from any potential harm and to intervene and to override decisions of the state in any way as deemed necessary by the Committee.


The Liberatores are the largest ever formation established in Nova Roma, counting over 300 citizens as its members. All members of the movement are conscripted into the legions of Nova Roma, and the movement is coordinated by the Executive Committee of the Liberatores which elects its members by co-option.

The current Executive Committee of the Liberatores Saving Nova Roma (ECOLSNR) is composed of the following citizens:

  1. Cn. Cornelius Lentulus (representative)
  2. P. Porcius Licinus (representative)
  3. T. Domitius Draco (representative)
  4. Sex. Lucilius Tutor
  5. A. Tullia Scholastica
  6. C. Claudius Quadratus
  7. A. Liburnius Hadrianus
  8. A. Vergilius Figulus
  9. Q. Arrius Nauta

The three representatives served as representative lead plaintiffs (representing all 300 plaintiffs) in the legal action against the illegal coup before the court in Maine, and are responsible in the day-to-day decisions of the movement.

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