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The Re-created Legio VI was based out of the Albany NY area, but has become inactive with several of its key members deployed to the middle-east.

Praefectus Legionis: Aurelius Tiberius Ronanus (The praefectus is no longer a member of Nova Roma)

URL: http://www.geocities.com/Legio_vi/

Approved by Senatus Consultum, prid. Kal. Quin. Q. Maximo M. Minucio cos. MMDCCLIII a.u.c..


Senatus Consultum: Request for Sponsorship of Legio VI

Dear Senate Membership;

I come before you on this day to seek sponsorship of the Sixth Legion of the Imperial Army by Nova Roma. We hope that after your review you will see the mutual benefit of your sponsorship.

I have broken down our request into the following categories:

I. History of Legio VI (both Historic and Present Day)
II. Current Personnel strength and make
III. Short and Long Term Goal
IV. Mutual Benefits of Legio VI Sponsorship
V. Future Activities, Events and Community outreach

I. History of Legio VI

The Historical Sixth Legion traces it's roots to the time of Emperor Augustus, having fought in the Spanish campaign (where it was awarded its title "Victrix pia Fidelis". It finally was stationed in Britton in 122 AD and was still present as a garrison unit until the end of the fourth century.

The Re-created Sixth Legion is based out of the Albany NY area. Started in the winter of 99/00 the legion is beginning it's first season in the field. Organization of the legion is broken down into three sections so far. The Legion HQ is in the Albany Area. The First Century is currently stationed in the mid-west part of NY around the Syracuse. The Second Century is located approx. 45 miles south of Albany in the Hudson River region of NY.

We are hoping to expand our reach across the North East as time progresses. The members of Legio VI are for the most part seasoned re-enactors from different era's that have become disenchanted with the disarray and seemingly lack of direction with the living history units today. The Legion was started one evening over dinner when the 3 founding members decided the very things that "reenacting" lacked were the very things that brought them to the "hobby" in the first place. These key ingredients were; the lack of a real "backbone" in most era's organization. The excitement and exhilaration of not knowing who was going to win a battle (all three members were veterans of the lawn battles of the American revolution and French and Indian wars); and lastly the inability to develop and "build" a persona that was real not simply fictional and developed in one's mind alone. (There was nothing worse then attending an event and being place under the control of some self-appointed general who has no men of his own to command).

The results of this conversation was the creation of "strength and Honor" a sudo Live Action Role Playing Society set in the mid 2nd century AD. ( www.geocities.com/strengthandhonor_2000) This organization would provide anyone interested the unlimited potential for growth and development. At current Strength and Honor is a small organization, but interest over the few months of its birth has given us hope that it will become the next SCA. Taking that into mind, we want there to be a more substantial backbone on which the organization will grow.

II. Current personnel strength and makeup of Legio VI

Legio VI currently has 23 men under arms in the following breakdown. Legion HQ (Albany area)

  • 1 Praefectus Legionis
  • 1 Tribune
  • 1 Signiferi
  • 1 Aeneatore

Century I (Syracuse area)

  • 1 Centurion (Primus Pilate)
  • 1 Optio
  • 7 Legionaries

Century II (Hudson River Valley area)

  • 1 Centurion (Centuriones Lanceariorum)
  • 1 Optio
  • 8 Lancearii

III. Short Term and Long Term Goals of the Sixth Legion.

Short term:

As with any new organization we are dedicated to our survival and growth as an organization. We have been scheduling "recruiting events" and other activities to try to increase our membership. Some of these activities include attendance at street festivals and various "Summer time" parades, a presentation at one of the local elementary schools, and pretty much any other event that would allow us to get out and make ourselves known to the public. We have resisted the urge to attend other living history events as of yet. We are considering attending a "soldiers of the world" event being held in September.

Long term:

We would like to see the increased growth and interest in our organization we are currently experiencing continue. One of our members has a parcel of land he is willing to "donate" for development into a possible recreated 2nd Century Roman Fortress. This would give the unit and "Strength and Honor" a place to hold events and festivals, seminars, etc. in a somewhat accurate environment. The member is currently looking into the legal issues and insurance requirements to use such the property. We are setting a goal of no less then three big events a year. Currently the century's have been holding drilling and training sessions once a month in preparation for the upcoming summer's grand training encampment, scheduled for late August.

IV Mutual Benefits to Nova Roma and Legio VI stemming from sponsorship

As stated earlier our organization is in it's infancy. One of the things we all seek in the development of the Legion and of Strength and Honor as a whole is a structured backbone that helps develop an enjoyable environment for it's members. One of the key ingredients to making this enjoyable for all involved is having activities that individuals other then soldiers can participate in. We chose this era in part of its unlimited potential for "noncombatants" to recreate and resurrect the rich lifestyle and day-to-day living this period has. Now this could be accomplished by simply allowing anyone to become anything. But you inevitably wind up with someone showing up dressed as the Emperor himself. We believe by "plugging into" an established backbone we prevent this from happening. If a new member of Strength and Honor wishes to be a political person they should have to do what a real politician had to do. Establish views, shake hands, and run for office. What a better way to enforce this then use Nova Roma as the foundation for our citizenship throughout the Roman "side" of strength and honor. In turn this provides Nova Roma with an additional membership base that is committed to the authentic recreation of Rome and all her glory. As for the Men of Legio VI it is this, Roman Soldiers were Citizens. We, the leadership, feel that it will help to develop a strong, tight knit unit if our members are citizens of Nova Roma and the Legion has her (Mother Rome if you will) blessing. We would like to extend an invitation to any member of Nova Roma who might wish to attend any of our events as well. Membership is free and although Legio VI is a Military Organization, Strength and Honor is open to all who wish to relive the glory of Rome.

I am not completely aware of the relationship Nova Roma has with other legions it has sponsored. But I strongly believe that an army is an extension of its homeland and without a homeland they are a Mob. What a better way to instill a sense of pride in both Nova Roma and Legio VI then to say hey that is "our" legion meaning both organizations. If the Senate should see fit to approve our request it will be made mandatory that anyone seeking to be a Legionnaire in Legio VI must first apply and become a citizen of Nova Roma.

IV. Future events and activities

As stated in the short and long term goals section of this document we are planning on having 3 large events a year and hopefully a good number of smaller ones as the organization grows. August is slated to be the first "contact" event between the men of Legio VI and the Outlander Tribe "Dalheria". We are looking forward to this and hope the event will draw a good crowd. Reenactors are a strange breed, even though they seem to portray a wide array of civilizations it is the one they live the majority of their lives in that they dedicate a good amount of time to. It is the intention of Legio VI to continuly seek out and assist the community in any way feasible as a unit.

In conclusion.

We hope you see us fit to become a sponsored Legion under Nova Roma. The men of the legion and I feel that we would make a good addition to your organization as a whole. I have instructed my men to begin their individual citizenship applications as well. We believe that our organization has the potential to become something great. It is our belief that one of the most influential forces on any entity is that of its surroundings. They say if you wish to become a great businessperson you should surround yourself with great business people. We simply wish to be great Romans and thus wish to surround ourselves with Great Romans.

Lastly as a token of our commitment to this union we would like to offer honorary title of LEGATUS LEGIONIS to a Senator chosen by the Senate. The day to day running of the Legion would fall to the Praefectus Legionis, but this member would stand as our figurehead in the senate and ensure that legion always had the best interests of Rome in mind.

On Behalf of the Men of the Sixth Legion of the Imperial Army..

Your most humble and Obedient Servant I remain. A Soldier of Rome!!! Aurelius Tiberius Ronanus Praefectus legionis, Legio VI

Passed, Yes-10; No-2; Abstain-1 06/30/00

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