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Ex Officio Propraetoris Hispaniae: Annual report for provincia Hispania 276I a.U.c

  • Provincial magistrates.

Hispania has the following praetorium:

-Praetor: Marcus Curiatius Complutensis.
-Scribae: None.

The region of Lusitania remains without a dedicated legate. This reflects continued levels of inactivity in that region.

  • Provincial list.

NRHispania remains the dedicated mailing list for citizens of Hispania and those with an interest in our provincia.

  • Web Site.

Our provincial website remained at provincia Hispania. My gratitude to Marcus Curiatius Glabrio and to Marcus Lucretius Agricola for his help to management and maintenance of the site.

  • Provincial gatherings.

We have made meetings in:

-March: Mérida.
-July: Sevilla.
  • Provincial newsletter and newspaper.

For this year the provincial newsletter is still Commentariola Hispaniae Actually we are working in the blog http://novaromahispania.blogspot.com Provincia Hispania Nova Roma].

  • Oppidum Complutum.

Complutum is the second Oppidum founded in Nova Roma according the Lex Fabia de Oppidis et Municipis. This year the Oppidum was inactive.

  • Projects.

We continue with the collaborations in defence of the patrimony:

-"Defensa del Acueducto Romano de Penyacortada" (defence of roman aqueduct in Penya Cortada),
-"Defensa de la Villa Romana de l'Enova" (defence of roman Villa in L'Enova) and
-"Defensa de los Principia de León" (defence of Principa in Leon, ancient headquarter of the Legio VII Gemina)
  • Budget.

The 50% of the collected taxes was forwarded to the Treasury of Nova Roma. The other 50% of the collected taxation retained in the Provincia is in the aerarium provinciale.

  • Cultus Deorum.

This year I have managed to gather a group of cultures with high level of participation and that is very interested in spreading the Religio Romana.

  • 2762 a.U.c.

I do not expect an immediate recovery of the provincial activity but I hope that participation levels remain the same as for this year. Therefore I must ask my renewal as a provincial governor.


Praetor Hispaniae

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