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Legatus pro praetore provincia Germania, Titus Flavius Aquila, senatibus Novae Romae S•P•D

Salvete patres conscripti!

Report MMDCCLXI Provincia Germania - State of the Provincia Germania:

  • Provincial Magistrates:
Legatus Pro Praetore:
-Titus Flavius Aquila, since December 17th, 2760 a.u.c.
Legati Regiones:
-Gaius Verecundius Crispinus, Germania Magna,February -
-Georgius Durmius Silesius, Germania Superior, February -
-Verecundius Caesar Germanicus, Germania Inferior, February – July (Verecundius Caesar Germanicus did step down due to health reasons)
  • Key Accomplishments:
-Consolidated and strengthened the province Germania.
-Regional setup, Structured the provincia in 5 Regiones, Germania Superior, Germania Inferior, Raetia, Noricum and Germania Magna.
-Appointed Colonia Augusta Treverorum / Trier administrative capital of Germania Inferior
-Appointed Augusta Raurica / Kaiseraugst administrative capital of Germania Superior
-Appointed 3 Legati Regiones, 1 had to step down due to health reasons
-Introduced semi-annual reports of the Legati Regiones to report about their accomplishments in their Regiones
-New Website Provincia Germania. Created and donated a new website for my provincia. As legatus pro praetore I will bear the costs from my private income. Since I have published the website - End of August - 320 visitors have been visiting the new site (repeating visitors not counted ) Provinz Germanien Nova Roma, currently only available in German, the English version to come soon.
-Increased the number of citizens by 30%, the provincia Germania has now 29 citizens.
-Encouraged citizens of the provincia to pay taxes
-30% of citizens of Provincia Germania have now assidui status
-68,72 Euro, 91 USD, revenue (Tax ) PROVINCIA in 2761a.u.c.
-Built a Roman Network of interested people to possibly recruit new citizens in the future
-Strengthened the ties of the Provincia with Nova Roma
-Several Activities of my Legati Regiones.
  • Regio Germania Magna:

Legatus Regionis: Gaius Verecundius Crispinus.

Legatus Regionis visited following Roman events to promote Nova Roma and the Provincia Germania.

-Roman days (Haltern am See): 30.-31.08.2008
-Roman days , Trier, Augusta Treverorum, panem et circenses 2008
-Archological park ,Xanten , Colonia Ulpia Traiana 25-26.07.2008, ancient smithery.
Talking to students at universities and leaving the link of the new website at other websites, to promote Nova Roma and the Provincia Germania. A growing interest in Roman History , Latin and Roman culture has been recognized.
  • Regio Germania Superior:

Legatus Regionis: Georgius Durmius Silesius.

-13th of February Augusta Raurica appointed administration capital of the regionis Germania Superior, upon proposal of Legatus Regionis.
-22nd of February our legionnaire re-enactor Decimus visited a School in Oberwil and presented his military equipments to the pupils.
-Contacts with citizens of the regionis.
-3rd of March Q.Q. Varus appointed Duumvir iure dicundo Coloniae Augusta Raurica .
-1st of May, Q.Q. Varus and Lucius V. G. visited the Villa rustica Borg and presented themselves in their Roman clothing.
-2nd of July a new citizen was welcomed Gaia Lucretia Murena.
-30-31 of August, Augusta Raurica the great Roman event.
-14th of September, day of the open historical monument, a small Roman event was celebrated in Eigeltingen, lake Constance with a large number of visitors.
The whole year over there were activities within the non profit organization villa rustica Eigeltingia, Verein Römischer Gutshof Eigeltingen. For example ; maintenance of the historical ruins, outdoor facility (trees, benches, streets). The Legatus Regionis worked there for 80 hours, thus promoted the provincia Germania and Nova Roma.
  • Budget Provincia Germania 2761 a.U.c.
-Revenue from the province in 2761 a.u.c.
-Tax income.
68,72 Euro / 50% Tax retained by the Provincia 34,36 Euro
-Provincial Treasury status as of 21st of October 2761 a.u.c.:
34,36 Euro tax retained.
50,00 Euro Donation to the Provincia by legatus pro praetore.
Total: 84,36 Euro.
9,60 Euro Web site Provincia Germania Installation fees, paid for and donated to the provincia by the Legatus Pro Praetore.
5.97 Euro (1,99 Euro per month as of August 2761 a.u.c. ( for Virus scanner paid for and donated to the provincia by the Legatus Pro Praetore.

  • Budget for 2762 a.U.c.

Website hosting 6,99 Euro and virus scanning 1,99 Euro. Costs monthly,8,98Euro, will be paid for and donated to the Provincia by the Legatus Pro Praetore.

No cost estimations yet for:

-Information tent/booth
-Nova Roma flyers
-Flag for the Provincia Germania
  • Outlook:
-Planning to involve my provincia in big Roman events in Germania with an Information tent/booth
-Establish an emporium on the new website of the provincia Germania, to provide our craftsman, merchants and amici of our Provincia Germania with a platform to sell their goods to a broad public and to generate income for the Provincia in the future..
-Introduce our own Roman Day event for the Provincia Germania.
-Organize the Provincia Germania as a cultural, non profit association.
-Create and develop new local groups ( Oppida and Municipia ) in the Provincia.
-Establish an annual gathering of all citizens of the Provincia Germania, provincial conventus.
-Flyers for Nova Roma and the Provincia Germania.
-Create a provincial Flag and historical chart.
  • Conclusions:

We need to further develop our Republic and our provinces , we need to live up to be an independent and sovereign nation, according to our constitution .

I will do everything possible to support necessary for achieving these goals, in the interest of the people and the senate of Nova Roma.

Patres consripti , on these grounds, I would like to ask for your prolongation as Legatus Pro Praetore of the Provincia Germania.

I pray to the Di Immortales that you will be favorably in order to be prorogued for another term, to serve as Legatus Pro Praetore and that you choose me, to serve you.

"I am Titus Flavius Aquila, German, 49 years old and Nova Roman citizen since 2006. I am married and have 4 children (Maximilian, Markus, Patrick and Lucian).

I am of the Gens Flavia and the Tribus Galeria, I am of Assidui status and from plebeian order.

My background in Nova Roma:

-2008 Tribunus Plebis Nova Roma

-2008 Legatus Pro Praetore Provincia Germania -2008 Scriba Censoris KFBM

-2008 Collegium sodalitas proDIIS A temple for the Gods in Rome

General achievements so far: Introduced the ‘Temple for the Gods in Rome’ Project . Successfully incorporated in the sodalitas proDIIS, A temple for the Gods in Rome."

Concordia res parvae crescunt, discordia maximae dilabuntur !

Pro Res Publica, Pro Patria !

Di vos incolumes custodiant

Titus Flavius Aquila

Legatus Pro Praetore Provincia Germania

Tribunus Plebis Nova Roma

Scriba censoris KBFM

Collegium proDIIS

Candidatus Quaestor

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