Gaius Lucretius Agrippa (Nova Roma)

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Gaius Lucretius Agrippa
Album Civium

C. Lucretius Agrippa is an equestrian eques equo publico. He currently serves as quaestor of Nova Roma.

C. Lucretius is a certified ethical hacker and lives in Colorado Springs, Provincia America Hispanica and has been a citizen of Nova Roma since M. Octavio L. Sulla (II) cos. MMDCCLV a.u.c.. Lucretius is a student of the Latin language and ancient Roman religion and politics, and participate as a Roman priest in the Byzantium Novum organization.

Cursus honorum

C. Cethego Q. Arrio (IV) cos. MMDCCLXXVI a.u.c.
Q. Arrio (II) T. Domitio (III) cos. MMDCCLXXIII a.u.c.
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