Election Maius MMDCCLXII (Nova Roma)/Rogatio Curiatia Iulia de institutis publicis religiosis

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By this Lex Curiatia Iulia de institutis publicis religiosis the Constitution, Article VI, on Public Religious Institutions, is hereby replaced by the following Article VI.

A. The Religio Romana, defined as the traditional worship of the Gods and Goddesses of Rome, shall be the official religion of Nova Roma.

B. The sacerdotal responsibilities for the State Religion of Nova Roma shall be invested primarily into the Collegium Pontificum and the Collegium Augurum.

1. The Collegium Pontificum shall consist of the Rex and Regina Sacrorum, the Flamens, Flaminicas, Pontifices, and the Sacerdotes Vestales, co-opted by the Collegium Pontificum itself, under its own governing rules. The Collegium Pontificum shall be responsible for the conduct and administration of all public religious ceremonies other than those rites assigned to the Augurs. To that purpose, the Collegium Pontificum may create sacerdotal offices, sodalitates, and collegia.
2. The Collegium Augurum shall consist of all public Augurs who are co-opted by the Collegium Augurum itself, under its own governing rules. The individual members of the Collegium Augurium shall be responsible for instructing and advising curule magistrates on performing auspicia on behalf of Nova Roma. In other religious ceremonies the Augures shall perform their traditional responsibilities. The Collegium Augurum may create sacerdotal offices and sodalitates that are specifically related to the conduct and administration of its responsibilities.
C. Additional sacerdotal collegia may be instituted and their rules set by the Collegium Pontificum, with the approval of the Comitia Centuriata.
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