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150px}} Lucius Coruncanius Cato

Candidate for Curule Aedile.
Album Civium

Why I am running for aedilis Curulis

Lucius Coruncanius Cato omnibusque salutem plurimam dicit,

Salvete fellow cives,

As of my candidacy to the Aediles Curules office, hereby I explain the points which made me think about running for this office.

If I am elected, I promise here, in front of the Gods, that I will pledge myself to the Constitution and laws of Nova Roma and to respect any macronational law applying to me or my official duties.

I will ask to join the investigation on the Magna Mater Project started by the Senate to determine the current legal status of this project, one of the most important of our Res Publica. I promise in front of the Gods, I will work as hard as I can, with all the cohors aedilicia, with help of our beloved Great Mother and the guidance of mighty Minerva, to retake it and to make it work, fulfilling the measures aproved by the Senate almost a year ago and which can be read at the wiki.

On Focii C and D, if the senate's investigation determines the validity of the Magna Mater Project, I will make a serious proposal to contact and begin negotiations with Italian authorities about puttings the donations to serious work. There are lots of things to be done in the Palatine Hill, and we had people who gave their money to get things done.

The Macellum is another project worth preserving. Nova Roma needs commerce, both internal and external. Commerce is the basis to a sustainable project. If we want to reach our main objectives, we must have a healthy commerce network, and filling our market with shops is a must.

Fellow cives of Nova Roma, these are the reasons for which I, Lucius Coruncanius Cato, humbly ask your vote for my candidacy to Aedilis Curulis.

May the Gods guide and protect us.

Di te incolumem custodiant.

Candidacy announcement

Lucius Coruncanius Cato omnibusque salutem plurimam dicit

Salvete cives!

I am L.Coruncanius Cato, born 31 years ago near Colonia Iulia Augusta Paterna Faventia Barcino.

I've just got back from a year travelling and exploring around, so most of you don't know me. I have not held any magistracy, and for that I consider myself "new blood" for our Res Publica, to whom I wish to serve. For now I am member of Keypath and Cultus Deorum task forces, spreading the word of ancient and new Roma both in the internet and in "real" life.

With help and guidance of the Gods, I promise to fullfill the interests of the Republic and of its citizens. I promise to honor the Gods and the Constitution of Nova Roma, enforce the law when required and only when solid evidence has been shown, thus fulfilling the duties of Aedile Curule's office, being one of them the Magna Mater project, which I intend to retake from the inaction for the past year, thus propperly honoring our beloved Great Mother.

For those reasons I demand your vote, fellow cives of Nova Roma, for my candidacy to Curule Aedile. May mighty Minerva and our Great Mother Cybele help us.

Di vos incolumem custodiant!

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