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With respect I come in front of you to present the Provincia Dacia annual report and the best wishes sent by novi romanii dacii to Senate.


Provincia Dacia of Nova Roma is in the third year of its existence. Three years in which, I and Dacia magistrates worked as best as is possible to demonstrate that where is dedication and passion good results are gained. Near us, year by year, new citizens, responsible and dedicated to our roman legacy, joined to sustain our efforts.

I'm proud because our province and its members demonstrated that deserve your trust. I want to present a few dates to demonstrate my affirmations.


Provincia Dacia members are active in 90% proportion. They are connected with daily life of Nova Roma and their participation to the republic affairs had this course:

  • 1. Year 2005: no magistrates.
  • 2. Year 2006: one curule aedile.
  • 3. Year 2007: one curule aedil and three quaestores.

For the year 2008 Provincia Dacia has three candidates for Nova Roma offices. They are presented in the election MMDCCLX page but not all of them presented until now their candidacy. Anyway, that will be done in legal terms.

Provincia Dacia citizens paid and will pay attention to taxes as time as this is a duty of every responsible citizen and represents a way to increase the development of Nova Roma.

I will continue my policy in Dacia, a step by step one, with the desire to grow our members’ number, in the next year, with three active new citizens.


The Provincia Dacia events, year by year, are more valuable.

  • 1. Year 2005:
- provincial meeting organized at Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegethusa.
- participation to Nova Roma Conventus organized in Rome, Italy.
  • 2. Year 2006:
- visit of Limes Alutanus, the ancient roman border in Dacia Malvensis.
- two trips to Thermae Herculis, ancient roman bath, still in function.
- two trips to Drobeta, ancient roman municipium, Iron Gates and Trajan Bridge.
- participation to the "Dacia Provincia Augusti", event organized by the Romanian National History Museum.
  • 3. Year 2007:
- participation to the international meeting organized by Nova Roma Italia in Vasto, Italy.
- meeting of Oppidum Bucurestium members.
- visit of roman Dacia together with Italia representative Aurelius Vindex - eight days trip long.
- official participation to the “Roman Days Festival” organized by the municipality of Porolissum, an event with more than 5.000 participants.

For 2008 are planned:

- Nova Roma Conventus in Dacia.
- official participation to the "Roman Days Festival”.

For 2009 is planned:

- participation to the Nova Roma Conventus in Gallia.

For 2010 is planned:

- participation to Roman Days in Maryland, USA.

Among these events were other small meetings of Dacia members. All the events are presented to this address:Provincia Dacia events.


  • 1. Provincial newsletter:

This year Dacia Felix provincial webzine was created. Its purpose is to present articles in connection with roman culture and civilization: "Dacia Felix".

  • 2. Reenactment group:

A reenactment group is planned to be create and developed. The discussions with Legio XX were advanced in this summer and La Wren's Nest was choused as vendor of roman equipment. Until the end of November the first request and order will be sending to Julie Brooks.

Based by my idea, our reenactment group is not a legion but in time can be. It is a project with educative purposes to present the roman soldier equipment during the time, starting with early Republic to the late Empire. The project will have in 2008 four members and the intermediate goal is to have in 2010, at Roman Days, USA, seven members.

  • 3. Oppidum.

This year Oppidum Bucurestium was created. Our oppidum is very active. Next year, another oppidum, Oppidum Galatium, will be created in Dacia Pontica.

5. PROVINCIA DACIA BUDGET for the year 2761 a.U.c.

  • 5.1 Anticipated revenue from the province:

This year 18 citizens paid taxes. My prognosis for 2008 is that 20 citizens will pay their taxes. More details will come after the census. Dacia has good rate: from 22 citizens, 18 are assidui.

  • 5.2 Description of the fundraising activities planed:

Our citizens who are business owners will participate with private funds to Nova Roma Conventus from Dacia.

  • 5.3 Anticipated expenses within the province:

From the total taxes, a half will remain in province. It will be used to pay the Dacia website domain and hosting.

  • 5.4 Description of provincial activities necessiting expenditure:

Next year Dacia will organize the Nova Roma Conventus. A special report about event will be sent to Senate list in the first quarter of the next year.


Citizens of Dacia are in good relations each over, they develop together various businesses in their life. Here are good conditions for Nova Roma development. The Romanian government encourages activities in connection with roman history.


Our magistrates are active and they fulfill their duties with honor. Among them I want to point out the efforts done by Marcus Prometheus, legatus externis rebus, who, in the last time, traveling with business in Republic of Moldavia, tries to bring Nova Roma in the attention of people from that area. Fortunately in Dacia and Moldavia people talk the same language.

In the same manner, Iulius Probus, legatus militum, traveled in Bulgaria with businesses. There he talked with his Bulgarian friends about Nova Roma and is possible, due his efforts, to have a request for the Nova Roma Provincia Moesia creation.


This year I created the Temple of Mercurius website. It is at this address: Temple of Mercurius

With the provincial meeting occasion, at Thermae Herculi, our citizens honored the protectors Goddesses of the ancient city: Hercules, Aesculap and Hygia.


All things are working properly in Dacia and citizens are pleased with Nova Roma.


I will continue as legatus pro praetore of Dacia.



Legatus Pro Praetore Dacia.

Caput Trium Daciarum.

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