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The following report of the Senate session of Dec. 2762 auc. has been, exceptionally, displayed by Consul M. Iulius Severus, in the failing of the Tribunes of the Plebs, out of office a few days after the end of the session, on Dec. 9.

This report has been issued in the Senate (aka 'SL') on Fr. Dec. 18, 2009 20:34 Rome time, under the current number 16562. In order to ease up the reading of this consular report, some parts of it may be here either organized (redundances..) or underlined (italics, bold, etc.). Except such formal layout, no modification has been brought to this report, and the presentation below is duly conform to the original.

"M. Iulius Severus Consul: M. Curiatio Complutensi Consuli collegae, Praetoribus, Tribunibus Plebis, Senatoribus Patribus Mátribusque Conscriptís: salutem plurimam dicit:Fl. Galerius Aurelianus omnibus sal.

Subject: Consular report of the last Senate session


As presiding magistrate of the last Senate session and due to the fact that the incumbent Tribunes of the Plebs didn’t do so, I hereby inform the Senate of the results after the voting period, hoping that the new Tribunes of the Plebs will inform the People of Nova Roma:

The auspicia having been taken by Pontifex Maximus et Augur M. Moravius Piscinus Horatianus, "Aves admittunt!": I went to seek the advice of the Senate on the following agenda.

The Senate wase called into session during the second hour (08.30 hrs. CET) on Saturday, 28 November 2761, with discussions to continue until approximately the end of the day (16.00 hrs CET) on Tuesday, December 1st, 2761.

That is, hora secunda dies Saturni a.d. IV Kal. Dec. MMDCCLXI a.U.c to the conclusion of hora duodecima dies Martis a.d. Kal. Dec. MMDCCLXI a.U.c.

Voting on the agenda started in the first hour at 07.30 hrs CET on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2761 and concluded at 16.00 hrs CET on Thursday December 3rd, 2761.

That is, hora prima dies Mercurii a.d. IV Non. Dec. MMDCCLXI a.U.c until hora duodecima dies Jovis a.d. III Non. Dec. MMDCCLXI a.U.c.

Items I, III and IV have passed. I am extremely glad to confirm the wide support for the Sodalitas pro-DIIS, with 24 votes in favor, and just two against. Item II was rejected again, even if many of us believe that is an important step in order to clarify a lot of things related to the Religio. We needed 18 votes to have it passed, as a qualified majority of two-thirds was needed, but we only got 16.

1 2 3 4
SCU Tb Pl Appr. l. cent. inst. rel. Appr. sol. ProDiis Sen int. regulations
UR 21 16 24 14
ABS 4 2 0 1
ANT 0 8 2 11
Not cast 1 0 0 0
Total of the votes 26 26 26 26
Quorum (2/3) 22 22 22 22
Quorum is reached yes yes yes yes
Is a qual. majority required? no yes no no
Is this maj. reached? - no - -
Passed Failed Passed Passed


Quod bonum felixque sit populo Romano Quiritium, referimus ad vos, Patres et Matres conscripti:

Item I - PASSED - SCU on the date of the entry of office of the Tribunes of the Plebs

The Senate resolves that the Consuls may suspend the Constitutional requirement for all magistrates to take office on 1 January 2010 in order for the Tribunes of the Plebs to take office on 10 December 2009 in accordance with ancient practice.

This Senatus Consultum Ultimum shall expire on 2 January 2010.

The Senate strongly encourages next year's Consuls to promulgate a Constitutional amendment stipulating that the various magistrates take office on the days established by historical practice.

De ea re fieri placet?

Quod bonum felixque sit populo Romano Quiritium, referimus ad vos, Patres et Matres conscripti:

Item II - FAILED - Approval of Lex centuriata Curiatia Iulia de institutis publicis religiosis

By this Lex Curiatia Iulia de institutis publicis religiosis the Constitution, Article VI, on Public Religious Institutions, is hereby replaced by the following Article VI.

a.- The Religio Romana, defined as the traditional worship of the Gods and Goddesses of Rome, shall be the official religion of Nova Roma.

b.- The sacerdotal responsibilities for the State Religion of Nova Roma shall be invested primarily into the Collegium Pontificum and the Collegium Augurum.

1. The Collegium Pontificum shall consist of the Rex and Regina Sacrorum, the Flamens, Flaminicas, Pontifices, and the Sacerdotes Vestales, co-opted by the Collegium Pontificum itself, under its own governing rules. The Collegium Pontificum shall be responsible for the conduct and administration of all public religious ceremonies other than those rites assigned to the Augurs. To that purpose, the Collegium Pontificum may create sacerdotal offices, sodalitates, and collegia.

2. The Collegium Augurum shall consist of all public Augurs who are co-opted by the Collegium Augurum itself, under its own governing rules. The individual members of the Collegium Augurium shall be responsible for instructing and advising curule magistrates on performing auspicia on behalf of Nova Roma. In other religious ceremonies the Augures shall perform their traditional responsibilities. The Collegium Augurum may create sacerdotal offices and sodalitates that are specifically related to the conduct and administration of its responsibilities.

C. Additional sacerdotal collegia may be instituted and their rules set by the Collegium Pontificum, with the approval of the Comitia Centuriata.

De ea re fieri placet?

Quod bonum felixque sit populo Romano Quiritium, referimus ad vos, Patres et Matres conscripti:

Item III - PASSED - Approval of the sodalitas ProDiis (a temple for the Gods in Rome)

The Senate of Nova Roma decides hereby to make the Sodalitas proDIIS - A temple for the Gods in Rome an officially promoted project and sodalitas of Nova Roma. The project is open for the ideas, and the support, of all citizens of Nova Roma and for everyone willing to support this project for the Glory of our Roman Gods. A detailed business plan for this Sodalitas was sent by the Consuls to the Senate mail list files.

De ea re fieri placet?

Quod bonum felixque sit populo Romano Quiritium, referimus ad vos, Patres et Matres conscripti:

Item IV - PASSED - Adoption of internal regulations of the Senate (Senate closed out of sessions, moderation, no discussion when voting)

In accordance with the Constitution V.F, the Senate hereby adopts the following rules governing its own internal procedures:

a) The Senate list will be closed between sessions. If the Senatores would like to discuss Nova Roma matters, they can do so in a new unmoderated Senaculum list as was done in Roma Antiqua.

b) Excessive use of inappropriate, offensive, abusive, insulting or harassing language or excessive use of off-topic speech may, after a first call by the presiding magistrate to return to orderly debate, result in moderation of the concerned senator during a 12 hours period.

c) No discussion shall be allowed after the end of the senatorial contio of the respective session. However, in accordance with Senate tradition, every senator is allowed to supplement his or her vote with any comment that he or she considers appropriate to explain his or her position on the item submitted to a vote.

De ea re fieri placet?



Updated on a.d. VIII idus Ian. 2763 auc

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