Codex Juris: Ius Dicere

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Tabularium of Nova Roma

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Codex Iuris Novae Romae

Ius Dicere

This book contains all the legislation on concepts relivant to the declaration of the law; to say what the law is. The province of a court or judge.


Legislation on the Judicial System

The following legislation contains themes pertaining to crimes against the state and citizens, pentalities and the applicable judicial procedures.

Primary Legislation Description Modifying Leges Modifying Senatus Consulta Modifying Edicta Related or Complimentry Legislation General Praetores Commentary
Decretum Pontificum about the crime of blasphemy


About the crime of blasphemy.
Lex Salvia iudiciaria

(#LXI, 2755)

About the judicial system in Nova Roma.
Lex Salvia poenalis

(#LXIX, 2756)

About the various crimes and penalties in Nova Roma.
Lex Equitia de iurisdictione

(#CIII, 2757)

About the competence of praetors and governors to grant trials.

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