Codex Juris: Ius Dare

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Ius Dare

This book contains all the legislation on legislating law. In pertains to giving or making the law; the function and prerogative of the legislative department.


Legislation on Law Management

Nova Roma has policy on how various legislation is drafted and handled. Record keeping and accuracy or important aspects to maintain the integrity of our laws and society.

Primary Legislation Description Modifying Leges Modifying Senatus Consulta Modifying Edicta Related or Complimentry Legislation General Praetores Commentary
Lex Equitia de corrigendis legum erratis

(#LXXXIII, 2757)

About the duties of the webmaster and magistrates in preparing and reviewing laws. *Included in the Ius Publicum
Lex Hortensia de legibus scribundis

(#CXLVI, 2773)

About the naming format and correction of laws. *Included in the Ius Publicum
Lex Tullia de comitiis habendis

(#CLIII, 2774)

About the the right to call the various comitia and the how they are run. *Included in the Ius Publicum

NOTE: Not yet in effect. Awaiting ratification by Senate.

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