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Salvete, cives et socii!

Currently, Nova Roma is holding its census according to ancient Roman tradition. Those citizens who became members of Nova Roma since the last Census, that is, after 20 December, 2020, will automatically be registered on the Census, but nevertheless, we would like to hear from you if you are so kind as to fill the survey below. Your data will be used to make Nova Roma better and to provide better service to its citizens.

We will also automatically register you if you have been a regular participant in our programs, reenactment events and festivals, or if you hold an office in our provinces, in our central magistracy or in any of our affiliated legions. It is within the power of the provincial governor to decide if you qualify for automatic registration, so in order to make sure you are registered, it's better if you register yourself by answering to this email.

If you became a citizen of Nova Roma before 20 December 2020, and if you are not an officer of Nova Roma currently, then you must register on the census, otherwise we will have to classify you as a "disappeared", unregistered citizen. This involves the loss of your census points and voting status in Nova Roma. You will be able to return any time to active status, but you can only recover your census points in a gradual process.

If you want to retain your good standing status, census points, offices, titles and full membership in Nova Roma, please register until 7 October. You may register by sending an email to:


In your registration on the census, please include your answers to the following survey in your email. This is not obligatory, but we kindly ask you to help the work of Nova Roma with filling this survey which will be used to improve our function and to involve our citizens into our activities better:

1. - your full Roman name

2. - if there is any change in your personal data (postal address, phone number etc)

3. - the name of the reenactment groups you belong to (also your rank)

4. - your skills (Latin knowledge, Rome related talents, Roman studies, Roman products manufacturing)

5. - your university degree (MA or PhD) if you have any from Rome-related studies

6. - the courses you took at Academia Thules, ot SLEU, or with A. Tullia Scholastica

7. - your business if you would be able to sell Rome-related products to our citizens

8. - any significant achievements you would like to be credited and be known in Nova Roma (for example, a publisher of a high quality website on Roman studies, an author of book, film, renown blog, high quality production, or program)

9. - any Census Point requests that you have based on the lex Arria de censu civium aestimando.

The information you provide will be used to assign Census Points to you which can enhance your voting power and member privileges, including reduced membership fee.

May Nova Roma be blessed, renewed and reborn in this Census!
Q. Arrius Nauta, and P. Annaeus Constantinus Placidus
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