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MINICIA GENS, came originally from Brixia (Brescia), in Cisalpine Gaul. Brixia was a Roman colony, but in what year it became one is unknown. (Plin. H. N. iii. 19.) The Minicii occur only under the empire. There was a C. Minicius Fundanus, one of the consules suffecti in A. d. 51; and another C. Minicius, also one of the consules suffecti in a. d. 103.

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The GENS MINICIA belongs to the Nova Roma's planetary community, an organization devoted to the study and historical reconstruction of Ancient Rome in all its aspects (socially, politically, religiously, artistically, militarily, etc.). The aim of this page is to become an introductory platform to our Gens, to its members as well as to the particularities that characterize us inside Nova Roma's structure. From here, we would very much like also to help to promote keenly the project of Nova Roma's reconstruction and the study of all the aspects related to the classic antiquity.

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